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Why is my step son saying I abused him? adult content

My seven year old step son is saying that I abused him. He told his doctor these things. Now it has gone to court. He said that I locked him in a closet. He did get stuck in the bedroom, only because the door sticks. He also said that I slapped him. I'm hurt and afraid to be alone with him now.
His father and I believe that his mother is coaching him to say these things. He has to go see a psychologist, will they be able to see through this?

This is tough. This child comes to me in the middle of the night with nightmares about his mom being very mean to him and asks to sleep in the bed with his father and me. If he had issues with me, why wouldn't he tell his father? This hurts me, as I think he may really believe these things occured. Such as being locked out on purpose. As long as I have been in his life he has had issues with being locked out. He repeats the same story since he was 2 1/2 that his mom locked him out of the house. I am sure it was not intentional.
Maybe, being the youngest child of 3 at our house, he is just wanting attention? I want him to be happy, he is a wonderful child whom I adore.

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Asked by Anonymous at 6:39 PM on Jan. 19, 2011 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

Answers (13)
  • i duno..i would refuse to be alone with him. and let the child know it is not ok to lie. ....this is a tough one i duno what i would do.

    Answer by sweetestkitten at 6:41 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • I wish you the best and everything comes out fine. Psychologist know the difference between being couched and the abuse actually happening.

    Answer by mommy_of_two388 at 6:41 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • that is a horrid situation...I wouldnt want to be alone with him either! good luck to you hun I hope it all comes out in the wash

    Answer by pregoagain2010 at 6:48 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • This is a really tough one. When my sister was around the same age, she did the exact same thing with our step-dad. It was not true, she even later admitted she was lying. I personally think, that she felt that she was not getting enough attention, and, knowing how much attention kids in trouble get, she just said that to someone without even knowing what the repercussions would be. I remember him taking that very hard, because he loved my sister and I very much. We did have a really tough time adjusting to some of the things that were going on at our dads home on the weekends, and neither of us really knew how to express what was happening. Maybe something in your stepsons life is causing him to act out, maybe this is his way reaching out to someone. I wouldn't take it personally, but I would also avoid any situation where you would be alone with him for any length of time, for your own safety. Im sorry. Good luck!

    Answer by Tarrar at 6:50 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • I would refuse to be alone with him, & it could be that his mother is coaching him to say these types of things out of spite I really hope that this is not the case because these are various serious accusations. I hope and pray everything works out for the best just stay positive!


    Answer by Marie_07 at 6:50 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • How old is he? I don't understand why a child would make something up like that.

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 6:50 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • I would refuse to be alone with him too. Honestly, if the mom is coaching him on this, let her be inconvenience by it. What a horrible thing to do to a child.


    Answer by scout_mom at 6:55 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • I would not be alone with him. Best of luck.

    Answer by sta517 at 6:56 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • Unfortunately this is a very powerful tool that children often use against their fathers and their stepmothers. He will be believed by most people unless you are able to introduce evidence of Parental Alienation Syndrome. Some awful moms (and dads for that matter) will coach their children to destroy the other family. My step son tried to do it to me and my husband. We decided to completely disengage as to not jeopardize our jobs and our standing in the community. It is a very sad evil thing these children are doing and they cannot fully understand the ramifications of their actions. There are many websites out there that might help you and your husband. shrink4men and angiemedia are both good and they both talk about PAS and false allegations of abuse. Do not be alone in the house with the child. Do not do any caring for the child, including bathing, dressing or feeding. I am so sorry.

    Answer by lilangilyn at 7:08 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

  • Well, honestly, sorry you don't like it, but his age DOES matter. I have a 5 year old and I just can't wrap myself around her making up a story like that.

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 8:04 PM on Jan. 19, 2011

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