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Substance not style!

Early in the State of the Union speech, Obama had this to say:

"None of us can predict with certainty what the next big industry will be, or where the new jobs will come from"

Later on, in the same speech, he had this to say:

We’ll invest in … clean energy technology – an investment that will strengthen our security, protect our planet, and create countless new jobs for our people.

Bit of a contradiction, don't you think?

Actually, based on the president's job creating performance thus far, I'd say that the first quote is the more accurate one, whereas the second quote is him desperately trying to justify a costly left wing initiative. 

Either way that is why it's better to READ the words of a politicians speech rather than LISTEN to, and be snowed by how well they read off a teleprompter.

Your thoughts?!
(Heading off to work, talk amongst yourselves!) :o)


Asked by LoriKeet at 7:51 AM on Jan. 26, 2011 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (17)
  • We’ll invest in … clean energy technology
    Educated Translation
    your taxpayer dollars are being given to Jeff Immelt to push the scam better known on your TV as Ecoimagination.
    They got the Imagination correct.
    Kinda like the bottled water scam, Evian.

    Answer by jewjewbee at 7:59 AM on Jan. 26, 2011

  • Not really shocking to see this in the speech. The fact is that since he took office very few jobs have been created. When the stimulus took effect it was supposed to create jobs. When it didnt they changed their tune and said it SAVED jobs. There is no way to actually verify if it did or not. Unless people have jobs, then the economy is going to tank in a big way and we will have all this added debt on top of it all. People said early on his whole presidency/re election would be tied to the stimulus he passed. If it didnt work and the economy got worse the next person running against him would use it. I think they will. He keeps spinning things to see what sticks without showing real results to the people.
    I am tired of it. I didnt vote for him, but have waited to see if he would do anything to change my mind about him. So far he hasnt though.

    Answer by gemgem at 7:55 AM on Jan. 26, 2011

  • Either way that is why it's better to READ the words of a politicians speech rather than LISTEN to, and be snowed by how well they read off a teleprompter.

    ITA read what the ideas are and how they are expected to be presented before the Speech. Then go back and research the Truths about the issues so you'll know immediately what the lies are as he says them.

    Answer by jewjewbee at 8:03 AM on Jan. 26, 2011

  • "Clean energy" and "creating jobs" are great sound bytes - things that many Americans believe passionately in. I'd bet that many people watching the speech only heard those words, not all the contradictory statements. You make a great point about reading vs listening - and proved it.

    Answer by Scuba at 8:05 AM on Jan. 26, 2011

  • We’ll invest in … clean energy technology
    And put One Million electric cars on the roads. He later said.
    Ok, what happens when One Million electric cars are on the road? And 50% of our electricity comes from Coal? And there is NO SUCH THING as clean coal?
    So much for clean energy huh?
    What a bullshitter, and most of the US buys that crap.

    Answer by jewjewbee at 7:56 AM on Jan. 26, 2011

  • I think most know exactly where he is wanting to go in the future. He wants to spend money(another stimulus) to promote green jobs through infrastructure and invention. Can't let China get any further ahead of us than they already have. Someone needs to tell him it's to late to worry about that. His spending and his borrowing from China has made sure we cannot surpass China in pretty much any area. He just doesn't get that we are BROKE

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 8:05 AM on Jan. 26, 2011

  • Yeah, so see my last question about our U/E rate in town. That's including the new jobs (about 30ish I think) created by our new electric car factory. We have a windmill place that got a lot of press when it opened a few years go. There's now a For Sale or Lease sign out front. You can research all the alternative energy ideas til you're blue in the face. They don't accomplish much if there's nobody who can afford them. Just like those plans to get money to weatherize your home and make it more energy efficient - great, if you have the spare $5k lying around to pay your share of it.

    Heard one interview with one of our evil Tea Partian new reps on the news this AM - he had a really good question - where are the specifics for how we're going to cut spending?

    Answer by NotPanicking at 8:16 AM on Jan. 26, 2011

  • It was just campaign rhetoric, the shit he already said that never occurred.

    Answer by Carpy at 8:31 AM on Jan. 26, 2011

  • I always read instead of watching.Sounds like I can skip the reading same old same old bs.

    Answer by tnmomofive at 8:47 AM on Jan. 26, 2011


    lmao Lori, I'll give you today's financials report in regards to your hilarious video.


    Answer by jewjewbee at 1:35 PM on Jan. 26, 2011