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If you are a SAHM and your family needs a 2nd income, who do you think should get that job? The husband who works all day or the SAHM?


Asked by Anonymous at 10:56 PM on Jan. 30, 2011 in Money & Work

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Answers (18)
  • Sahm should get a job. I believe fathers and mothers are equally important in a child's life. IF daddy is always at work, he will never see his children.

    Answer by Mom2Just1 at 10:21 AM on Jan. 31, 2011

  • I have a feeling this is a loaded question and more of a rant about something personal but the answer is the SAHM if she can find a job that makes working worth it. Working to pay a daycare, and having nothing to show for it, meaning the situation does not improve with her working, is pointless if she can't find a job that she can work around his schedule so he can be with the kids.

    Answer by wildflowers25 at 11:02 PM on Jan. 30, 2011

  • I think it depedns on the type of job that could be obtained, and the cost vs. benefit ratio. If the husband, already working, can get a second job that pays better than what the sahm could with a gap in her work history, then it makes more sense for the husband to work a second job. It doens't make any sense to pay $1000 a month in childcare if you're only going to get that much in order to work. On the other hand, if the kids are in school, childcare costs are not a factor, and additional money is needed, then the sahm has an opportunity to earn some money outside the home.

    I also think it depends on the schedule. My husband has an usual schedule where he works every other week. If we needed extra money, and he could find a second job for his week off, then so be it. In fact, that's what he did.

    Answer by Busimommi at 11:28 PM on Jan. 30, 2011

  • THE SAHM...How much can one work? Thats why I work now.

    Answer by hill2 at 10:59 PM on Jan. 30, 2011

  • Perhaps the SAHM can get a part time job during the time that the husband is home. That way you don't have extra childcare expenses. It really depends on the family though.

    Answer by sherribeare at 11:02 PM on Jan. 30, 2011

  • When I was a SAHM and we needed money, I got a job cleaning at night while the kids were in bed and DH was home with the kids. was making $25 an hour cleaning a bank and DR's office. It was good money and good to get out of the house. You could also sell your hot body on the Internet while you are cleaning house, like Susan on Desperate Housewives, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Answer by dancinintherain at 11:11 PM on Jan. 30, 2011

  • Whatever works for the individual family.

    Answer by MrsMWF at 11:20 PM on Jan. 30, 2011

  • Depends on your family and the type of job each parent can get. Most of the daycares and preschools are so expensive here, it's more cost effective for me to stay home with my son (at least until he starts going to school). My husband is an artist and is good with computers (web design, etc), so sometimes he does a little side work here and there--usually related to art or web/graphic design. I guess it's like he has a second job, but whether he does any extra work or not varies throughout the year and from one year to the next. It's also stuff he enjoys as long as it's not a really stressful project. If I really need to get a job before my son is in school, the only way we could really do that would be if a family member or friend could watch my DS for less than the local daycares or if it paid well enough to offset the cost of daycare, gas/vehicle expenses, work wardrobe, moving us to a higher tax bracket, etc. etc.

    Answer by pam19 at 11:37 PM on Jan. 30, 2011

  • It depends on the family. Personally, my husband finds it just as important as I do that I stay at home with our son. I know he'd rather have 2 jobs if he had to, rather than me work. He's just that kinda guy. Fortunately, we get by just fine with one income. :)

    Answer by LovingSAHMommy at 12:11 AM on Jan. 31, 2011

  • I think it depends why you are staying home. If you are staying home because you and the father have agreed that you should stay home and he is as much into it as you are than He should. I mean if he's taken on the job as the bread winner and he's not making enough at his current job well tell him to Man up and get either a sec. job or a better job. Now if the reason your home is mainly because of what you think. You could live on what he made and you chose to stay home because you could but now your not making it and he's working long hours than i think the mother should either go back to work or find a way to work around what her husband does to make money. Like childcare, ebaying, Avon or something else like that.

    Answer by rjaffeux at 11:03 PM on Jan. 30, 2011