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Have you decided on homeschooling or public?

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Asked by wifecombs at 1:47 AM on Feb. 5, 2011 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • I'm homeschooling for now. My kids are 5 (since October) - but in 1st grade, 3 and 1. It's going really well with my 5 year old, but the thought of homeschooling middle school or highschool overwhelmes me. At the same time I don't know how he could transition to regular school now that he's a year ahead. It's a lot different to skip a grade in a traditional classroom then at home where it's just a matter of which workbook he's doing, besides he's a lot farther ahead in some areas than others. His reading is way ahead of his math right now and his writing skills are pretty pathetic. One my biggest reasons for homeschooling is that my kids can go at their own pace in each subject and not be compared to other kids. So anyway, I doubt we'll ever do public school, we're either homeschooling all the way or finding a private or charter school.

    Answer by mybella81 at 8:00 AM on Feb. 5, 2011

  • Adding that I'm also concerned about homeschooling more than 1. My daughter is already behind where my son was at her age. At 3 she knows a lot of colors and shapes and can count to 20, but she's been able to do that ever since Iast year when I worked on it with my son, he was skipping some teen numbers and we went over and over them and it's only memorization, she doesn't recognize them or have 1 to 1 correspondance. She only recognizes 3 or 4 letters. I don't know if it's a difference between my kids in their ability level and interest or if the difference is me. I think to some extent I've put so much effort into teaching my 5 year old that I've kind of ignored her (meaning I've ignored teaching her, not ignored her entirely of course). And until my son becomes more independant the thought of schooling both of them also overwhelmes me.

    Answer by mybella81 at 8:07 AM on Feb. 5, 2011

  • I'm a public-school mom, never had the desire to home school. My kids love school, are getting a great education, and they have made wonderful friends. I asked my kids once if they would want to be homeschooled (they asked me what it was all about after seeing something on tv about it), and they said they thought it was "mean" to make kids go to school at home. They like the independence, and I think it's preparing them better for life in the real world. JMO. (and theirs).

    Answer by Scuba at 12:20 PM on Feb. 5, 2011

  • If I thought that I could prepare my child for a university education at home, I would have. She has been in academically advanced public schools since second grade; she should graduate high school with one year of college credits; the average graduate at her high school receives over $25,000 in scholarships.

    Answer by rkoloms at 6:34 AM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • We tried the public school option and now I wish we would have started homeschooling much sooner. My kids have learned more in the two years we have homeschooled than they every did in the years of public school. They would come home with homework that they had no idea how to complete because they were not being taught in class. I blame so much on the idea that teachers need to teach to a test instead of for the purpose of education as well as the fact that public schools have become crazed with discipline. I wouldn't dream of sending one of my kids back there. I've taught in both public and private schools before we opted to homeschool, so I have been the teacher and the parent and I can tell you first hand that you want to be VERY involved with your child's education if you opt to leave them in public school. Not all of them are bad, but a blue ribbon award does not a good school make.


    Answer by scout_mom at 11:24 AM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • MÝ eldest is in 4th grade and I am home schooling him. I have not decided whether or not if I'm going to HS my 3 year old or not.I would like to, but he has expressed an interest in going to school.

    Answer by Austinsmom35 at 8:34 PM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • I decided to send my daughter to public school. I was homeschooled from 6-12th grade, and I feel like I missed out on a lot of social experiences. I am not against homeschooling, but I do think it is important to make sure your kids are getting enough socialization with kids from all walks of life.

    Answer by fraujones at 10:54 AM on Feb. 7, 2011

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