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My fiance went away to Michigan with his brother and his best friend for his "bachelor party/snowboarding trip" for 5 days this past week. I know for a fact that they got drunk a lot on the trip and my fiance is sore from snowboarding. Well I was home with our 18 month old son, ALONE, the whole time he was gone. I was really happy when he came home today so that I could get a break and just relax for a little bit. Well it turned out that I needed to go to the grocery store so I decided to go when it was time for my son to go to bed so that my fiance wouldn't really have to deal with him all that much. I got a phone call from him telling me to get home because he's tired and wants to go to bed. I said I wasn't done grocery shopping yet and he had to wait. He texted me saying that he is sore and exhausted from his trip and I need to come home so he can go to bed! I am freaking FURIOUS! Where does he get off telling me that I need to come home, after only being gone an hour, when he was just gone for 5 freaking days! Maybe if he wouldn't have gotten drunk and stayed up all night, he wouldn't be so damn tired! Am I being irrational here or is just plain ridiculous that I still don't get a break!


Asked by Anonymous at 1:07 AM on Feb. 6, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (8)
  • Yes, I would be pissed off too! Just tell him that you will be there in an hour or whatever and discuss it with him at home. Yes, Im sure that drinking took a lot out of him. You were very kind to even let him go, he needs to be thankful! Be prepared once you get married they are always worse, think about it carefully!

    Answer by vernalea at 9:55 PM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • You can see what your life is going to be like. Don't look back and say you did not know.

    Answer by tootoobusy at 1:10 AM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • That's the way he is so either accept the fact you are going to have a teenage son and a baby or be single mom you can be as mad as you want but nagging him to death is not going to make him change,or even feel guilty about it, maybe he is not ready to be a dad or a husband?. Also did you and he agree that when he came home he had to help you out with the baby? because if he knew that and still got drunk then instead of getting mad I will take my sweet time on the store and turn off the phone oops my battery died sorry also the car died and I had to wait until someone with cables gave me a jump start.

    Answer by gou18 at 1:31 AM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • You are not being irrational!! Talk this over and you need to talk about how child rearing will be shared after you are married. It is a huge issue and you might want to reconsider all your plans

    Answer by elizabr at 11:15 AM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • I would have said this is our child deal with it. Your tired from vacation deal with it. You should have taken a couple more hours just to show him what complaining does.

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 8:55 AM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • He is showing his true colors. You need to decide if this is what you want.

    Answer by layh41407 at 9:00 AM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • I'd tell him "you play you pay- If you cant handle it, then dial it back a bit!" There's nothing wrong w/ taking the trip & having fun, but he's back in reality land now. It's his child, & you were shopping for the household for Heaven's sake. You were not expecting too much from him, & even waited til nap time to go shopping. GL with this one!

    Answer by mrsmom110 at 9:03 AM on Feb. 6, 2011

  • id be pist too...but in all honesty thats what guys do at bachelor partys until its over and with the flight and hangover he probably is tired...u should of gave it a night

    Answer by suhweetness at 1:10 AM on Feb. 6, 2011