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When you start noticing your older but feel so young, how do you adjust?

How do you adjust your wardrobe, your overall look and style?

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Asked by Mole at 1:08 PM on Jun. 18, 2008 in Beauty & Style

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  • I stopped shopping in the Junior department, consulted with a Mary Kay consultant and keep a fun young hairstlye, but not too hip and funky.

    Answer by elwalters77 at 1:09 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • SAME HERE, stop shopping in the junior's dep. Embrace time, and the fact that you're getting older. I'm currently a beauty school student at Regency and suggest talkin gwith a hairstylist about exactly the look you're going for. Find age-appropriate clothing, makeup and most important lifestyle. Don't fight it, accept it and enjoy it.

    Answer by bianchi01 at 1:16 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • It's really hard to be 25! Just the fact that you feel like the juniors clothes are way to young (and provacative) and the women's section is fun! I started shopping at 20 something stores like The Limited and Express. I still buy some of my pants from the juniors department though since I have virtually no hips and they fit me so well. You can also hire a personal shopper at Nordstroms. They work off commission so you don't have to pay out of pocket. They will dress you!

    Answer by hgibsonorc at 1:47 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • First, I tell myself age is only number. Then, I watch 10 Years Younger and realize that I look 100 times better than half the women on there that are my age!

    Answer by luvinmees at 7:47 PM on Jun. 18, 2008

  • I found a great face care and body care company that has wonderful products to help keep my sking aging healthy! I feel if I keep my face and skin looking good and young, it will help me adjust to being older. Message me if you'd like the webpage to check out the proudcts.

    Answer by kittynala at 9:20 AM on Jun. 19, 2008

  • I'm a Mary Kay Senior Beauty Consultant and would be happy to talk and work with you to help keep you looking as young as you feel :)

    Answer by retz at 10:42 AM on Jun. 20, 2008

  • You can still look great without looking frumpy! It just depends on where you shop. There are plenty of nice, fun, "hip" clothes out there in the misses dept. You just have to look for them. And a great hairstyle helps.

    What I do (have done this for a while now) is go through catalogs I get in the mail, and pick out outfits that are appropriate for my age, that I think would look nice on me. Then, I try to emulate them.

    I've gone through my closet and tossed most all the "cute"/jr. dept. clothes that I onced loved because I know how ridiculous they would look on me now. (Plus, this made room for some other new purchases!) And I try to be careful what I purchase now for the upcoming years, in case I start to look older.

    I love older women who dress and look so classy! That's never really been my style (I've always dressed more funky than classic), but it's something to aspire to.

    I'm glad you feel young!

    Answer by NovaChk at 8:53 PM on Jun. 26, 2008

  • Also, another tip, is that it may take more time to get ready now than before. This is something I've really had to adjust to, in order for me to look and feel good about myself. I use to be able to just roll out of bed and go, but now, I have to put more effort in it.

    Even if I'm going to the gym, or dropping off my children at school, etc. I take time to look decent. I don't go "all out", but I'll wash my face, and put on under eye makeup to hide my dark circles. And I fix my hair so it looks nice and not all fly-away or frizzy.

    Until recently (past 6 months) I use to just get up and go until one day i realized I looked awful! Not taking care of myself in that way just made me look older. So, just taking 5 or so min.'s in the morning to try and look decent, even for just the gym or errands, makes me feel better, even though it takes effort.

    Answer by NovaChk at 8:59 PM on Jun. 26, 2008

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