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Maybe it's me...............this is long!

So my mom and i have had a pretty good relationship. She is pretty good at saying one thing and doing another though. I guess either i'm just noticing her faults or she has gotten crabby! She has told me she is trying to get off effexor depression meds n thinks this is why! She takes every opportunity to throw everything in my face! My 12 yr old daughter is bipolar and is at times hard to manage. She has been hospitalized numerous times and it's hard on us being without her! But she has threatened to kill her brothers and hurts them from time to time! She gets in my face and yells that she hates me and i should go to hell and she wants to move out or kill herself. She has tried to kill herself once before so this doesn't fall on deaf ears! My DD had a complete breakdown tonight and hurt one of my boys and i found my 9 yr old in corner hiding! This pisses me off!!!! So i spanked her! Yes i regret it now but sometimes my lack of control with her leaves me no choice! She kept sayin she wanted to move out and so i told her that i had it and that it could be arranged with a local children's home! She said NO WITH GRANMOMMY! Well i told her that her grandmother couldn't handle her! My mom has allowed them to stay the night maybe once a yr. And we live right behind her! They go over there maybe once a week and she can't even handle that! So i told her to call her since she didn't believe me! She did and my mom told her that she could come and i told my mom in front of her that she cant even tolerate my dd for a couple hrs much less permanently! She threw it in my face about how she could cause i was such a problemed child! Ok fyi we were sexually and physically abused by stepdad when we were younger until i moved out at 15to get my first job and apt! We had a reason to want to get out of that hell hole and a reason to act out! WTF But of course thats one more thing to throw in my face! So i say go for it! my mom and i argue more and more lately about things and i feel like she should have backed me up a little instead of telling my dd to come over there to get a break from me! My mom lives a lifestyle that i dont approve of also and that concerns me! She was wanting to move a guy she met online in house with her n my dad bout bout 3 months ago n he was fine with it! The only reason she didnt is cause she blames me for being so judgemental cause i told her my kids would be nowhere around that shit! SO I'M JUDGEMENTAL! She was watchin my kids b4 at what was supposed to be a family cook out with just us and i ran to get more drinks n next thing i know i drive up n my sis and kids are on levee in 100 plus heat(Louisiana) because some of my moms friends came an they wanted to smoke a joint! This is y i'm worried! WTH do i do!


Asked by harris4 at 8:52 PM on Feb. 7, 2011 in Tweens (9-12)

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Answers (2)
  • Let her take your dd for a bit. You do need a brake from her. Your mom should have backed you up I do understand that trust me. Your mom won't be the best place in the world for her but maybe your dd will see that she doesn't have it so bad with you? Idk but good luck. I know problems like this with children feel like your life is ruined and it hurts so much. You'll get through this. Maybe for now you should just focus on your other two kids because I bet they don't get a lot of attention cuz you're always dealing with this crap. So not fair to them. God bless you!

    Answer by JackieGirl007 at 9:39 PM on Feb. 7, 2011

  • You need to use punctuation and make paragraphs when your write. From what I believe I understood, you need some family counselling as there are a variety of unresolved issues. Your daughter needs intensive therapy, and although she has fits of mania due to her disorder, it sounds like she may also have serious depression issues. Good luck.

    Answer by SamKJones at 9:42 PM on Feb. 7, 2011