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How do I get my dog to stop doing this?

My dog is housetrained. We have recently finished our basement family room and would like to enjoy it. Our dog has never been in the basement before. We took her down there so she can be with us and she acts all skittish, then goes to the bathroom on the floor. This has occurred several times. We have even taken her out right before going down there and she does the same thing, although only a little comes out. We have tried leaving her upstairs, but she whines and cries for us.

How do we get her understand she is ok there with us? Do you think if we had a crate down there and sort of crate trained her to be down there? There is an outside door down there as well.

I would like to be able to enjoy my room and my dog. Any suggestions?

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Asked by layh41407 at 7:39 PM on Feb. 10, 2011 in Pets

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  • I wonder what is spooking her down there? New smells? New Sounds? The crate might work- GL

    Answer by mrsmom110 at 7:42 PM on Feb. 10, 2011

  • Animals are often timid of new places, especially ones within their own home. She is scenting the area of out of being scared of the space around her. It's important to stick her nose to the spot and firmly say "No". Then take her outside immediately and let her run around. Then when you come in take her down there and guide her through the space. With you there walking beside her (maybe on the leash) she might feel more comfortable in the space. Like I said, it's common for animals to be spooked when welcomed into a new space. Some dogs don't seem bothered by new spaces, but a lot of dogs find it intimidating when it's unfamiliar.

    It could be anything from the sounds of the pipes, to the new smell, to just that it's someplace she's never been. Just keep allowing her down there. Again, everytime she "pees" stick her nose to it, say "No", and take her outside.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 8:06 PM on Feb. 10, 2011

  • I had a dog that didnt like riding in the car. I so wanted a dog to ride around with me.....she would throw up as soon as I started out of the driveway. This is what I did....I put her in the vehicle ...drove to the end of the driveway...backed up.. took her day did it again but went as far as the neighbors...turn around & go home..I kept stretching the drive out...sometimes she would throw up & sometimes I actually made it a distant. I never scolded her...I would just clean up. I talked to her... let her know it was ok. She got over it a& that dog went everywhere with me....she lived to be 18 and the best buddy ever. I would try like I did. Bring her down and then bring her right back up again. wait awhile and then try again...stretching out the time. I bet soon enuf she will be so comfy!! it's a pain but it is worth the effort. do not scold!! it will scare her more. she pees cuz she is scared

    Answer by Manetta at 8:26 PM on Feb. 10, 2011

  • It is never good for a pet to stick their nose in a place that they had an accident.Take Manetts's advice,this would be the best way to help her get more comfortable.

    Answer by Tikismom at 8:56 PM on Feb. 10, 2011

  • maybe throw some treats just a few steps in and let her get it each time she goes for it see if she will go farther in to get it. nervous, scared dogs won't eat. if she goes for it little by little she will associate that treats and basement = good

    Answer by melody77 at 9:05 PM on Feb. 10, 2011

  • If she is a good eater take her down there on a leash and feed her from her dinner dish, perhaps with some extra treats thrown in there for good measure. When she is finished eating, take her right outside the outside door down there and then take her back upstairs. Make it about going down there to eat dinner rather than to just hang out for awhile and she will adjust. Of course, continue taking her outside before going down there. Also, you might feed her some treats from your hand as you go down there, since eating is anti anxiety behavior for most dogs.

    Answer by spottedpony at 9:29 PM on Feb. 10, 2011

  • That's a nervous reaction. Very common when introducing a dog to a new place. Put some of her comfort items down there. Some favorite toys, bones, a pet bed. Anything that makes her feel comfortable. Ignore her until she relaxes. Then, once she does, reward her with treats or pets.

    Answer by MamaStuart at 11:24 PM on Feb. 10, 2011

  • mean ghost?

    Answer by LoveMyLos at 12:16 PM on Feb. 11, 2011

  • When your dog goes potty on the floor it is involuntary. I would not disipline it for that. Just try to comfort it and it should be better.

    Answer by shanny35 at 6:27 PM on Feb. 11, 2011

  • You should never stick a dog's nose in their accident, they don't understand what you are doing or why. She sounds like she is nervous or afraid. It could be from anything. You could try the crate, or you could do as some others have suggested-treats, feeding her there, etc. Take her in there for short periods of time, give her treats while in there, and praise her after she has been in there and has not had an accident. Dogs do best when they are praised for good behavior, rather than scolded for bad behavior(or accidents). Good luck.

    Answer by Tawneekitn at 6:47 PM on Feb. 11, 2011

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