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Does anyone have or know of a child that gets seizures everyday?

Jerimiah has been having Grand Mal Seizures everyday since he was 2 months old. He usually gets them right before bed or even while he's sleeping. He sometimes laughs or cries uncontrollably and now he's able to detect right before he's about to have one. He runs to the nearest person so that they can hold him during it. He's had several tests done and has even seen a neurologist. No one has said anything. They can't figure it out. Has anyone gone through this? Do you have any advice? Please, we're desperate...

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Asked by ryglovan at 7:20 PM on Nov. 17, 2008 in Health

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  • Both my oldest and youngest children ages 12 & 6 have grand mals daily. They are on medication. My youngest one also stops breathing and needs to be resuscitated. Read up all you can on diets to help alleviate them. Eliminating whites from the diet help: white bread, white rice, white sugars, etc. Also, sleep is almost MORE important than medication!! Make sure thathe is getting as much sleep as possible. I have to make sure that mine go to bed at their regular time each and every night so as not to disturb their sleep cycle. Depending on his age, he may need as much as 14 hours!! Melatonin is a supplement that my pediatric neurologist strongly recommended to give my kids to help them get used to going to bed at that time. PM me anytime if you want to...I'd be glad to help!

    Answer by Babylove76 at 7:31 PM on Nov. 17, 2008

  • My older brother had seizures his entire life. Until he was 16, everybody just thought he was a "space cadet". he'd wander off, space out, say the same phrase over and over. he was also very smart but very different. finally, when he was 16 he was diagnosed as being hydrocephalic (water on the brain) and as having a seizure disorder. My poor brother had many seizures a day for his entire life.

    This was years ago. Now there things are so much more advanced. I have a friend's who's son had the same problems as my brother. He had brain surgery that cured him and stopped his seizures.

    Don't give up! I'd video tape the seizures and document when they happen, the duration (how long they last), any stessors that happened that day, etc.. Bring the video tapes and seizure log to the doctor. You need to get them to BELIEVE you and to take you seriously.

    Best of luck.

    Answer by pugpin at 7:34 PM on Nov. 17, 2008

  • My son has seizures every day. They are not grandmal, but he has 50-200 a day right now. We see an epileptologist/ neurologist. You may want to contact your local Children's Hospital for a second opinion? My son has undergone steroid treatments, brain surgeries, countless seizures meds, the ketogenic diet, and now has a VNS implant, but nothing has worked to stop his seizures long term... Some kids are just highly intractable. I'm sorry you're going through this! How's his development? I would also suggest contacting your local chapter of the Epilepsy foundation. ( They usually have some good info and contacts! Good luck.

    Answer by Elyssa414 at 7:00 PM on May. 15, 2009

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