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HI, MOMS i live in los angeles california.. I have a bad clutter problem,

I keep alot of paper, clothes, toy clutter.. i need help with this, does anyone know of a organization that will help me clean up my mess.. my home is starting to look like a hoarder home a clean one, just lots of clutter. except i have lots of paper clutter im afraid to throw out anything that is paper.. anyone know of a company, in los angeles california that will come in and clean up for me, because i wont. I start but i get so lost, that it becomes aproblem. and i stop and leave it there, the toys and shoes, and clothes id like to sell it. but we are not allowed to have a yard sale in our blocks, I also was thinking of putrting all the clutter in storage and then sorting from there what do you think..? thank you moms typo sorry, in a hurry crying 7 year old. bye

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:41 PM on Feb. 17, 2011 in Home & Garden

Answers (9)
  • A professional organizer can help you.

    Answer by Simplicity3 at 2:44 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • I forgot what network the show "hoarders" is on...but if you can, google it and find out and search their page and find their contact info! GL! I hope you get your home together! xo

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:44 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • call Clean House (it's a show on Style)

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:47 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • DONT RENT A STORAGE UNIT! It will only add to your bills and get the clutter out so that you can store more at the house. Get together with a good friend and go at it together. Even better if this friend has a child/ren just a size or two smaller then your own children. Then you could pass clothes/toys down to her that you no longer need.

    Get yourself a couple of boxes. Use, get rid of, trash. At the end of a short cleaning spurt (30 - 60 minutes) take the time out to drop off the get rid of at Goodwill and throw your trash in a bag and out to the curb. If you set a time that you do it every week it also helps.

    Answer by baconbits at 2:48 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • musicmom08

    Answer by musicmom08 at 2:51 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • Oh and just another thought...if you don't learn to do it yourself you'll be right back where you are now. You have to learn to sort thru things and why you're keeping so much junk.

    You might also want to consider what a fire trap your home can become from to much paper clutter. One of my best friends dh was a fire chief and told us about the worst home fire they ever fought had tons of newspapers piled up. It made it difficult to put the fire out and for the firefighters to get thru the home. Not saying that your home is that bad but I don't want trash to be the cause of my home going up in flames.

    Answer by baconbits at 3:00 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • If you don't do it yourself... then it will get cluttered right back up. But you really need to find a professional organizer to help you. For the paper, you should get a paper shredder. Clean in 15 minute spurts a few times out of the day. You will notice things get accomplished, may be slow.. but still its better than nothing. I wouldn't worry about having a garage sale... Most people say they are saving stuff for the "garage sale" but just ends up in a storage room for 10 years. Clothes get more use if you donate them.. its going to a great cause... and toys can be given to day cares. I wish I lived closer to help you. I love helping be de-junk! Makes you feel soooo goooodddd when all the "stuff" is gone!

    Answer by MKSers at 3:42 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • I tend toward that kind of direction and never found anyone to help me, besides your stuff is personal. I do this: I buy giant black garbage bags, clear garbage bags and white ones and force myself to put every item in one of three bags, keep, donate, or trash. Before I put it in the keep bin I try to remember when the last time I used it was and one scenario in the next 6 months I was going to use it again. Sometimes I regret getting rid of something, but you know a $10 item you see no need for can be replaced.

    If you can't sell the stuff at a yard sale you can put the bigger items on e-bay or craigs list. I personally like where you can post "trash bag full of childrens clothes size x-x and people who want the stuff for free come and get it and you don't have to lug it around all over the place and while it may not go to charity you know its going to someone who genuinely wants the stuff.

    Answer by hotelmom123 at 12:58 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • Ask a friend to come in an work with you. That will spur you on. I recommend you start with the smallest room, label tubs: keep, donate, trash and start putting stuff in the tubs. Have you ever seen Enough Already on OWN? Peter Walsh is amazing and gets the job done but the family does the work with his guidance. Good Luck

    Answer by Librarylady60 at 7:28 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

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