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I am potty training a 3 year old boy who poops in his pants daily, help!!!

I take him to the potty every 1-1 1/2 hours and he pees every time, so I know that he can hold it. He also naps for 3 hours and stays dry. But he never tells me when he has to go and always poops in his pants. When he does this he never tells me that he is dirty or wet, he could care less. We have done a sticker chart, given lolipops or m-n-m's, etc. as rewards. It has been over 5 weeks. He is very bright and I think that he should be getting it by now. I think that he is doing it as a control issue. What should I do?

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Asked by Audracat at 3:27 PM on Feb. 17, 2011 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • Back off for a while . . . he may not be ready for the poopie step. I wouldn't worry about it unless he were 5 years old and still unable to poop in the potty.

    Don't be pressured by parents claim that they forced their kids to be trained early and then brag about it. Unnecessary. Every kid is on their own timeline and their are often biological reasons for it.

    By the way, kudos to him for being pee-pee trained at three! That is awesome.

    Answer by ImaginationMama at 3:37 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • It is not a control issue, it is the fact that a lot of kids are afraid of popping and it takes longer for a child to poop in the toilet. Back off and let him have control over his body. He will go in the toilet when he is ready and not when you are ready.

    Answer by tyfry7496 at 4:15 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • if he is doing it at a certain time of day make sure he is on the potty then. don't make it a big deal though, he will get it eventually. take him to the bathroom when you are cleaning him up and calmly explain that he needs to poop in the toilet next time, throughout the day ask him if he needs to poop.

    Answer by angevil53 at 4:34 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • With my son, he was in underpants overnight for 2 weeks before he poop trained. He had the potty in his room during quiet time, but still went in his pants. When my husband decided it was time to let him roam during quiet time, that DAY he went on the toilet and has ever since. Sometimes, it IS a control thing, LOL.

    Answer by silversmom at 5:12 PM on Feb. 17, 2011

  • My son would hide, its the only way i new he was pooping. He'd find a corner or under the kitchen table, and if I could catch it in time he'd go on the potty. His dr was the one that told me boys often have a psychological attachment to their crap. I though the dr was insane. I went home and googled, and found out its completely true. More so in boys, but girls suffer too. Some children feel like they're loosing a part of themselves. My pedi had suggested lots of positive reinforcement, and waving goodbye and discussing where the poop goes. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it worked for my son. My mom stated my 2 younger brothers went through the same thing, and I've heard from several other parents their sons had the same issue. Try to catch him when he's going, and then have a "goodbye" ceremony afterwards. Let him know its ok and normal, and your very proud of him.

    Answer by ba13ygrl1987 at 12:50 AM on Feb. 18, 2011

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