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Would you be afraid of me???

If I told you I was HIV positive? This is not a troll. I am anon for obvious reasons.
I am married to a man who also is psoitive, and gave birth to a child 13 years ago who is HIV negative. Yes... negative.
I have accomplished things that people would call me strong for doing or my family calls me a failure for still being infected with this virus.
Yet we own three cars and a house outright. But that same family asks to borrow our money.


Asked by Anonymous at 4:30 PM on Feb. 18, 2011 in Health

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Answers (22)
  • Your family sounds overly harsh. Many people are living long and productive lives now with HIV. I wouldn't be afraid, but I would take the necessary precautions as laid out by the CDC.

    Answer by poisonivy2917 at 4:34 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • No.  I wouldn't be "afraid" of you.  I'd invite you over for dinner and make you make your own plate just like anybody else at my house.  And OMG I'd even wash and reuse the dishes you used!  Sorry, I had a friend who had the virus.  Pisses me off the way people treated her. 


    Answer by MrsHouston47302 at 4:33 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • No, you're human, and have feelings.....When I look at people I don't assume anything.. I care about all people until they give me reason not to, and their health has nothing to do with it..... You should be proud of yourself, and not worry what others think. As for family borrowing money, just say no, and stick to it.

    Answer by MrsLeftlane at 4:35 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • Absolutely no! and kudos to you for rising above the odds.

    Answer by older at 4:32 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • No I would not be afraid to know you and be your friend.

    Answer by jamesonjustines at 4:34 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • no i wouldnt. and how in the world can your family call you a failure for still being infected dont they know that their is no cure only management? you sound very sucessful and congrats on the baby. ive heard that people are living longer and longer with the virus because of all the new treatments. gl and keep up the good work.

    Answer by laura970 at 4:34 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • No, I wouldn't. It's not like I can get it. It's so awful that your family does that, I'm sorry.

    Answer by -AJ at 4:35 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • Not at all. How cruel of your family.

    Answer by tiddliwinks at 4:39 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • I'll be very honest. When I found out a very dear friend had HIV, I called a physician friend of mine to get clarity about contracting the virus. I have two kids and was only concerned about them. I admit my ignorance on the subject and only knew (blood, bodily fluids...but did that mean a kiss on the lips was safe?)...whatever, I just didn't know. So I got info and haven't looked back. Now I'm not in the least worried but I did have to do research when I first found out. Kudos to you for your wonderful succeses!

    Answer by jeanclaudia at 4:54 PM on Feb. 18, 2011

  • No way. I would be leery if you had an open cut around me but that is it. Good for you for being so strong and doing things and not using this virus as a handicap. As for the money thing, tell them they can piss up a rope before you'll borrow money to them.

    Answer by mommy_of_two388 at 4:55 PM on Feb. 18, 2011