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How do I get my 7-month old to sleep?

Her bedtime should be a happy time that I look forward to cuz I finally get some "me" time, but it takes so much out of me to "wear her down" every night. Any advice on how to get her to not only go to sleep easier, but also to go to sleep at a reasonable hour?????

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Asked by shortcake92585 at 2:41 AM on Nov. 19, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • If you figure this out...let me know. My 7 mo old used to sleep like an angel...down at 8pm up at 6am, until a month ago. She just cut her first tooth and seems to have several more coming, so I'm up about every hour with her now. I know its just a phase and it'll pass...that alone keeps me sane. As for the going to sleep...we do bath, lotion massage, read a book, have a bottle, then rock until sleep while singing her fav songs. Recently though I had to change the position that I held her in while rocking because she started resisting the sideways cradle...she now straddles my chest and faces me so she can lay her head on my shoulder....just that small change made such a difference. Good luck.

    Answer by Kimebs at 7:54 AM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • Well I am no expert, but I have a suggestion. Try to start a routine. Every night at the same time start it up. What ever works for you but keep it going. Bathtime, then story time, sing a song, say your prayers, good night. Keep it up and stick with it and hopefully it will start to take. I hope it works! Good luck!

    Answer by beckcorc at 9:35 AM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • We started a bedtime routine. Eat dinner at 7:00. Bath at 8:00. Bed at 8:30.
    We did utilize the Ferber Method when we first started the routine, but it only took 2 nights. She has been sleeping through the night for the almost 3 months straight now!

    Answer by MrsGoss at 9:56 AM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • It all depends on when you want to get up in the morning.
    Moms who put their kids down at 8pm have to get up at 6am.
    Personally, I'd much rather bring my kids to bed when I go so that they won't wake up until I'm ready to get up.. (2am-11am is our current schedule because of the new addition, but that's my own fault for getting up so late.. If we got up at a more reasonable hour like 9am, my kids would both be in bed by 11pm..) I simply can't do the 6am, thing, though.. It's a ridiculous hour to get out of bed- especially if I plan to stay up until 11pm having "me" time after the kids go to bed, anyway..

    Answer by Liyoness at 11:04 AM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • We started letting my son cry about a week ago. When he looked tired we would put him to bed, which is usually about 6:30 sometimes later depends. We get home at about 5 he will have a bath eat and then he will play for a bit until he gets tired or fussy. I put him in his bed and put his music toy on and leave him. The first night he cried for 20mins the next 10mins and then finally about 5mins and hes out. When he wakes up at night I just leave him and at first he cried for a while, but now he fusses a bit and then goes back to sleep. I used to get up every time he cried and either gave him a bottle or just patted him back to sleep, but I realized hes not hungry at night he was just used to gettin a bottle when he cried at night. He is fine now. Last night he slept from 7:30-4:30 fussed went back to sleep and then was up at 6 with us. Hes like my alarm clock :D

    Answer by BermudaMama at 11:40 AM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • thank you all for your answers...i will have to try some new things

    Answer by shortcake92585 at 3:20 PM on Nov. 19, 2008

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