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Is gardening really complicated?

I've heard people talking about making sure you have the proper PH level in your soil and on and on about technical stuff? Really?

What did the farmers back in the day used to do with all the chemicals to balance the soil?

I just want to grow some veggies! lol

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:17 PM on Feb. 24, 2011 in Home & Garden

Answers (7)
  • Farmers back in the day made sure they took care of their soil, there is an art to it, yes.

    Answer by Anna92464 at 12:19 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • LOL well I have my own garden and had to learn about what kind of soil I had. For instance we tend to get certain bugs thatll eat my crops or flowers if I dont pre treat the soil. I have to find something to pretreat it that also wont kill my plants. There ends up being some art to growing, but you wont learn it until you try. My first year doing it we had a great turn out I guess you can say for cucumbers and tomatoes. Start simple.

    Answer by gemgem at 12:20 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • Not for me, but i LOVE to grow things. It's a real big hobby of mine. Really, all you need to do is pull weeds & make sure it's watered & make sure it gets enough sun & you can grow just about anything.

    You can get more detailed & go into soil conditions & fertilizers to produce the best crops/flowers, but you really don't have to. Experience is the best teacher when it comes to gardening. I have read lots of books & info about it, but just doing it is really the best teacher.

    Answer by samurai_chica at 12:24 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • You can always buy containers, or make some on your own (my friend built a box out of particle board to grow sweet potatoes in & in the winter, it's also her

    I have also seen people grow things in kiddie pools, tires, can use anything that is big enough & holds dirt. It also helps with pests & weeds. You don't have as many when you grow things in containers.

    Answer by samurai_chica at 12:26 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • While it is important to get the best yield to have the proper nutrients in your soil and PH for what you are growing you do not have to test and all that other good stuff if you don't or can't afford to do it. You will not get the most and largest vegetables if you don't, but you will still get something from the plants. We do not test our soil, but we do compost and add that to the soil each year along with manure from the neighbor. We always get plenty of veggies for ourselves.

    Answer by aeneva at 12:58 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • It's only as complicated as you want it to be. We had some mutant produce one year, so since then we do take samples of our soil and have it analyzed to make sure we're going well. But then again, that's part of what DH does for a living (only he works on a much larger scale, with all the farmers), so it would be stupid for us to just go with the flow.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:26 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • You don't have to do the ph thing - just amend the soil so it is workable (google amending soil to find out what is best for your area), plop the plants into the ground and water ... Don't use bug sprays, if you have insect problems, use natural predators (lady bugs, praying mantis, etc.).

    Answer by tasches at 6:08 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

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