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Is friendship possible?

Can an atheist and a devout believer be close friends?

Do you have friends whose beliefs (or lack of) you do not respect, yet you like the person aside from their beliefs, or lack of belief?

Explain your answer, please.


Asked by clarity333 at 5:39 PM on Feb. 24, 2011 in Religious Debate

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Answers (42)
  • I am an Atheist and my DH, who happens to be my best friend, is a Christian. We have been married almost 20 years. We have managed to make it work this long. We set aside our obvious differences in beliefs and focus on the more important things in our marriage like communication, trust, love and raising our daughters to be the best people they can be. We respect each other and realize that we are not always gonna see eye to eye on certain things, but that's ok. We make it work.
    Being friends with a person of a different set of beliefs can work if you set aside your differences and treat each other with respect because they are HUMANS, not disrespect them because their beliefs are different than yours. We are all humans after all and that is one thing we ALL have in common. So why not focus on that instead of religion?

    Answer by ZBandMom at 12:19 AM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • sure , act like an adult

    Answer by letstalk747 at 5:42 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • It's hard to be friends with others but you just suck it up and NEVER discuss religion, then we all get along very well!

    Answer by prettyinink2011 at 5:41 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • I have many friends with different beliefs, and I respect them and love them dearly. I have devout friends, I have atheist friends, and I have friends that fall somewhere in between. What makes the friendships work is that we don't try to impact each other's thoughts regarding religion, we just accept each other as is.

    Answer by KelleyP77 at 5:42 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • Yes it is possible. I believe homosexuality is wrong but one of my good friends is a lesbien. She knows my beliefs we even talk about them. She respects mine, I respect hers.

    Answer by Soniam301 at 5:43 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • All of my friends have different beliefs. I wouldn't associate with someone who couldn't handle being friends with people who don't believe exactly as they do about everything.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 5:44 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • I believe it is, IF they both can respect WHY each other believes what they believe and choose to not be offended or defensive when one shares their beliefs....
    It doesn't mean teasing your athiest friend to go to church to ask for forgiveness lol or your christian friend to just admit that the reason why their sister looks so much like a monkey is really in fact because we evolved from apes lol :)
    You can be friends if you encourage your friend in their own beliefs. It's like any other relationship, if your selfless then each other is taken care of (in the ideal situation).

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:52 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • I do not have friend's who's views i do not respect, i respect everyone's personal views.

    Answer by samurai_chica at 6:04 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • I have a very good friend who is Christian. I've only known her since Sept. She also calls herself a conservative republican, which would normally have me running away, but she is not only accepting of others, but also is not afraid to discuss her beliefs and mine. I have actually found that I can discuss ANYTHING with her, which blows me away because normally I thoroughly piss off people with her beliefs/opinions and have to keep many of mine quiet to keep the peace. I don't know how we don't get into fights, but we don't. :) Maybe she's not really as conservative/Christian/republican as she thinks she is, maybe she is what a conservative SHOULD be, or maybe its because I have stopped really choosing sides like that anymore and it makes me more able to meet people in the middle. But anyways, yes, its possible.

    Answer by metalcowgirl34 at 7:04 PM on Feb. 24, 2011

  • "Maybe we all define "friendship" differently."

    Well, there's different kinds of "friends". The kind I'm referring too, though, is probably the same as what you're referring to. The kind you can tell ANYTHING to (even things that might cause other people who didn't know you well enough to call the cops LOL!). The kind that you don't have to do all the social rituals to impress, you can just be yourself. I never thought I could have a friend like that who has such different opinions from me until I met this friend that I was referring to in my previous reply. Its actually taught me some things about myself.

    Answer by metalcowgirl34 at 7:27 PM on Feb. 24, 2011