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Has your child had bronchiolitis?

My 20 month old daughter's in the hospital with difficulty breathing right now. She's breathing fast and wheezing a lot. Breathing treatments help a little bit, but not dramatically. This is her second night there. If your child has had bronchiolitis, how long did it last and how was it treated? Does anyone know the difference between this and asthma? (I'm asthmatic and it looks like she feels the same as I do w/an attack).


Asked by baenglishwc05 at 10:35 PM on Nov. 19, 2008 in Kids' Health

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Answers (10)
  • my son had it this past February. thankfully it wasn't bad enough for hospitalization or breathing treatments. He was antibiotics for 2 weeks, after about 3 days he was much closer to his normal self.

    to my knowledge, asthma comes in attacks... doesn't last for like days at a time... but I could be wrong.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:37 PM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • My kids have not had it but growing up I got it at least twice a year. It was usually accompanied with the flu or pneumonia. Ya it sucked. Anyway I would be really sick for 4-5 days and slowly get better. After 2 weeks be back to normal.

    Asthma is different because it is caused  by a bacteria so it is totally different, but the short term affects are the same. It does see same kinda thing to your bronchial tubes


    Answer by perksmom at 10:42 PM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • Asthma is a condition, bronchiolitis is a disease, normally a virus. Asthma is something you have for your lifetime, while bronchiolitis goes away. If it is a virus, antibiotics will not help. That's info from my daddy, he's a physician assistant. My daughter had it at ten months, it developed into pneumonia. She was only hospitalized over night. It just took breathing treatments and time. Good luck, I hope your little one is better soon.

    Answer by toriandgrace at 10:45 PM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • ^^ Asthma is a reactive airway disease, it has nothing to do with bacteria. More daddy doc info.

    Answer by toriandgrace at 10:47 PM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • Asthma is a chronic condition of the lungs. Can be affected by allergens and other factors. It can be managed with meds.. I have had asthma all of my life and use an inhaler when I feel an attack coming on..

    Bronchiolitis is a common illness of the respiratory tract caused by an infection that affects the tiny airways, called the bronchioles, that lead to the lungs. As these airways become inflamed, they swell and fill with mucus, making breathing difficult.

    There are also reports that there is a possibility you may develope asthma later in life if you have had bronchiolitis as a child (I am one of those people) ;(

    Hope I have helped & I hope your little one feels better soon.

    Answer by MomToFour247 at 10:56 PM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • oops wrote it backwords i meant it the other way around

    Answer by perksmom at 10:58 PM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • Well, yes.. but people who are asthmatic had more breathing problems when they were younger, such as this. And people who have had these problems at such a young age, might just well be more prone to it thoughout life. I am a Respiratory Therapist, I have asthma as well. I had soo many problems when I was younger and I still do. I have very bad allergies and have always had bronchitis of one form or another. I would just watch what your child is exposed to in the future...i.e. smoking, pollution, pollen, etc... I have it very bad in the fall and spring.

    Answer by pupmom at 11:00 PM on Nov. 19, 2008

  • My son had bronchiolitis twice. It is not a pretty thing. He was put on breathing treatments. Pulmicort and albuterol...It can turn into pneumonia in a heart beat and your little one probably has it pretty bad for her top be in the hospital. Make sure when you guys get home, keep her away fromsick people. Especially those with resp. illnesses. They are more suseptable to cathc another resp. infection right after bronchiolitis. Pneumonia is a big one that they catch. I hope she gets better soon and hang in there.

    Answer by nyteowl at 4:48 AM on Nov. 20, 2008

  • My daughter had bronchiolitis around 12 weeks. She was put on albuteral through a nebulizer 3 times a day for a week. then weaned her off the follow 2 weeks. She had a really nasty cough but did well and even went to day care. She was also on an antibiotic. She later (just before 1 year) had bronchitis and has used the nebulizer several times. I read that if you have bronciolotis at a young age then you are more likely to develop astma when you are older. It runs in the family, so I wouldn't be surpirsed if my DD got it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:57 PM on Nov. 20, 2008

  • Asthma is not necessarily something you have to be stuck with. I recently after 10 years + of suffering have combatted it.

    She probably will experience a similar thing to when you have an asthma attack - my sister described how she felt when she had bronciolitis and it sounded also helped her understand more what I went through with asthma.

    Try not to feed your child dairy or refined sugars until shes fully recovered. Dairy is mucous producing which can add to the problem and sugar irritates the mucous membranes causing more mucous. Sugar also suppresses immune system.

    Answer by keyaziz at 1:32 PM on Nov. 21, 2008