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Question about induction.What to do?

hey,ladies. I will be 40 weeks in two days. My pregnancy is normal and everything is going great,just a little bit slow.
First time i had to be induced,just because my blood pressure went up a week before my due date.I did not have any complications,it went fast,but the baby swolled a lot of fluid and had to be in the NICU for a week.
So,anyway. My question is: have you been thinking to be induced with no medical reason,but only because you have reached your 40 week mark and did not know what else to do???
I am kind of lost.I don't really want to be induced,but in my case,everything progressing very slow,i've been 2 cm and 60% effaced for almost 6.5 weeks now and i am not dilating right now,even if i am having contractions,pooping like crazy and being nauseated. Maybe i should be induced,to help the contractions get regular and have her finally.

Please help me. What should i do? SHould i be induced or not?
Tell me your story and how did it go? I don't want to end up with the c-section.


Asked by crouse3 at 12:06 PM on Feb. 25, 2011 in Pregnancy

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Answers (9)
  • I was 40 weeks, the baby was in position, I went into the Hospital at night, got hooked up to everything, woke at 7:00am, started contractions at 8am, epidural soon afterwards, water broke on it's own, 4-5 pushes the baby was out by 12. Easy as pie! I am pregnant again & due in June & want to be induced again. Why wait & have possible complications? I know a lot of women here would say wait, but why?? It is your body & if you have a good Doctor then everything should go smooth. That's my opinion.


    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 12:12 PM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • If there is no medical reason, I wouldn't be induced. You need to look at the risks vs. benefits. If there is no urgency to get the baby out for health concerns, IMO the risks of induction are not worth it. Your body will do what it needs to do. You just need to be patient and let it happen. GL.

    Answer by MrsMWF at 12:15 PM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • "Slow" according to the clock on the wall, but not to your fetus and your body.

    40 weeks is a mid-point within the average (estimated) due period.
    Inducing is risky~ if you have no medical reason then it adds unnecessary risks to you & your baby.

    Also: (important) Stop checking your cervix!

    When it's Time your baby will arrive.

    Good luck!

    Answer by doulala at 12:29 PM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • Will your doctor induce with no medical reason?

    Answer by TARARENEE at 12:08 PM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • There are a lot of things you can do to move things along. Before doctors had pitocin to induce labor, midwives used nipple stimulation to get labor going. The same hormone that causes milk to let down also causes uterine contractions. Or you can let your doctor know how bad you're feeling and see if he'll strip your membranes. He'll use a finger to separate the bag of waters (not the placenta) from the wall of the uterus. That can naturally jump start labor.  Since you're 2 cm, it should cause labor within 48 hours.

    I was induced with both my pregnancies.  6 hours on pitocin caused contractions but didn't make me dilate so I was sent home.  DD was born the next day as contractions never stopped - I had them for 29 hours.  I had cervidil to induce my twins and a lot shorter labor.  They had to come out as one had stopped growing.


    Answer by JSD24 at 12:16 PM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • i was induced with my 1st cause of the diabeties. It was a piece of cake i slept through all contractions till i was 7cm then got the epidural and not soon after that 3-4 pushes she was out.
    I choose to be induced with my 2nd one due to having 3yr old at home and 9yr old SD and not much help from family. So i decided it would be better if i just went in and had everything planned then go into labor while at home with my 3yr old DH agreed. I was hooked up around 10pm and baby came right before 4am and was easier then the 1st one.
    I will probably get induced with my 3rd one which is due Sept.3rd....right now i have my hands full my 4yr old will be starting school we have full custody of SD (11) and my other will be about a 1 1/2 and my 4yr olds bday is Sept 4th. But being induced is just easier.

    Answer by tomsjennabean at 12:36 PM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • Their right moma, just hang in there a little longer. Good luck hope all goes well.

    Answer by Unique11 at 1:06 PM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • If you and your baby are healthy and you don't want to be induced then don't everyone keeps telling me the baby will come when there ready so its really your choice if you want to be induced go for it and meet your lil angel if u can wait then wait sry not that helpful but its really what you want to do and feel is good for you and your baby

    Answer by Tarrahs2011 at 1:40 PM on Feb. 25, 2011

  • The baby will come when its ready to come

    Answer by sstepph at 1:01 PM on Mar. 11, 2011