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What would you do?

What would u do if u found out your husband was sending naked pictures of himself to someone who is supposed to be your best friend all while he is accusing u of cheating on him (when u haven't). I am mortified and don't know how to handle this. All this time he has been making me feel like dirt for something I never did while he does this!?!?!? I don't know what to do....

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:02 AM on Feb. 28, 2011 in Relationships

Answers (14)
  • I think I'd leave and cut all ties with that "best friend". Ouch. Sorry you're going though this.

    Answer by jessicarae787 at 12:07 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • OMG.. I'm so sorry mama!! I can't tell you what to do, you gotta go with your heart. Good luck!

    Answer by jackiec7707 at 12:07 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • i would confront him with my knowledge of what he had been doing without yelling, screaming etc. it would be plain and simple " I understand now why you were accussing me of cheating etc. because you have been doing things that i consider cheating on our marriage. Sending naked pictures to someone who is my friend, is cheating on the marriage and it is to you as well or you would not be accusing me of doing so. I need you to be honest with me, tell me why and tell me anything else you are hiding. if you want to stay in this marriage with me, counceling is a MUST"
    i am so sorry this has happened to you momma. how painful. only you can decide what to do now. what you will accept, if you will let him try to rebuild things if he is even interested in coming clean and being honest. i can only wish you the best.

    Answer by Satiblue at 12:10 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • He thinks your cheating because he is i feel for you.And that is not a friend who would treat you like that and ruin your marriage. I have a feeling you know what to but your not ready take your time deal with this and decide if you want to be alone or move on but realize if you leave he might stay gone.If you stay you could grow to hate him.Good luck.

    Answer by Betutah at 12:12 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • Tell him you know he is cheating with you best friend. Tell him about the pictures you saw. I would kick him out and tell your best friend that you are not friends anymore because of what she has done. Nobody should have to go through with this.

    Answer by amessageofhope at 12:32 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • drop them both
    Tracee F.

    Answer by Tracee F. at 12:36 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • You need to get in front of your mirror and tell yourself that you are a smart, strong, beautiful woman and you do not need anyone to help take care of you. Say that as many times as you have to in order to get your self-esteem back. When you are strong enough, print out the pictures and show it to both of them. Then kick them both to the curb.


    Answer by krissyvelazquez at 1:32 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • I wouldn't confront them. I would just leave and go to a friend's house, a motel or a relative's house. Confrontations cause drama and excuses that prolong the misery. You know the truth, and so does he: he's cheating and he doesn't deserve you. There's always someone better around the corner. No need to waste your life on this loser. After I left, I would wait a few days and then call him and tell him I was done with him, and call her and tell her the same thing. Then I would tell him to get out of my house. Next I would file for divorce.

    Answer by popcornlover at 2:42 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • I like popcornlover's answer. I went through a similar situation with my ex. He was always suspicious, (with no reason), and accusing me of stuff and it turned out that HE was the one cheating. I stayed and tried to work things out, but he continued doing it so I kicked him to the curb. I've always heard, "once a cheater, always a cheater". He cheated on his second wife with the woman who is now his third wife! Hmmmm, I wonder what SHE'S thinking?! (I was his first wife).

    Answer by JeannieBee at 7:27 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

  • I would kick him out! I'll put up with NO form of cheating.

    Answer by HKing01 at 9:03 AM on Feb. 28, 2011

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