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What is the oldest religion?

Some say Egypt...some say Hinduism and so on.

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Asked by jujubean1979200 at 7:50 AM on Mar. 2, 2011 in Religious Debate

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  • Animism: E. B. Tylor formulated a theory of animism as the earliest, "primitive" stage of religion (1871). Classic animism, according to Tylor, consists of attributing conscious life to natural objects or phenomena, a practice that eventually gave rise to the notion of a soul. Although now many recent anthropologist tend to disagree and feel that religion is just a scio-cultural construct.


    Answer by emptynstr at 7:59 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • Technically it's Hinduism. There's proof it goes back 7000 yrs and evidence that it's much older. The reason it's technically the oldest is because there was older ones, just very primitive and with no written words just things like stories that were passed down.

    Answer by Cosetterose at 8:00 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • Atheism.  No religion pre-dates religion.


    Answer by beeky at 8:00 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • The oldest know "City" is in Mesopotamia, along the Euphrates River: Uruk. Settled somewhere around 4000BC, birthplace of the myth of Gilgamesh, the oldest know recorded story, thought to be pre- Rigvedic Sanskrit. The inhabitant's of this City were what we consider pagan and worshiped a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. Temples served important religious as well as political and social functions.


    Answer by emptynstr at 8:09 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • I think that is why I have a problem with a lot of the stories that some say are so very true is that we were not born believing in some higher being. I don't even think the thought crossed minds until perhaps something destructive happened or whatever. That is just my views anyway.

    Comment by jujubean1979200 (original poster) at 8:11 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • You got a different answer from everyone. That sucks lol. But yeah throwing people in volcanoes to appease the gods, to sacrificing gods son for our own souls all sounds like stuff made up to comfort our own fears.

    Answer by Cosetterose at 8:18 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • I believe HInduism may be the oldest organized religion in the world.

    Pantheism is the world's oldest religion (there are strong elements of Pantheism in both Hinduism and Taoism). Many tribal societies and nature based religions have been pantheistic, and even some early Christian sects were pantheistic. There is also a modern Pantheism movement called Scientific Pantheism. So, in some ways, it's the oldest and the newest.

    Answer by pam19 at 8:55 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • BTW--the first answer was good too. Many groups have been pantheists and animists. They often (especially in tribal societies) go together, but not always.

    Answer by pam19 at 9:00 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • Technically, from what I've been reading lately, the Mother Goddess was the first "Supreme" Deity recognized.... Early religion believed in a transcendence personified by various ghosts, spirits, and deities.

    They do say, though, that out of the major world religions, Hinduism is the oldest.

    Answer by bandgeek521 at 9:13 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

  • As far as Christianity- The Christian Orthodox Church believes itself to be first among equals-no better or worse-just first-
    The other answers of Hinduism I agree with ;)

    Answer by soyousay at 9:41 AM on Mar. 2, 2011

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