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Are America's Best Days Behind Us? Time article by Fareed Zakaria poses the question ~

Despite the hyped talk of China's rise, most Americans operate on the assumption that the U.S. is still No. 1.

But is it? Yes, the U.S. remains the world's largest economy, and we have the largest military by far, the most dynamic technology companies and a highly entrepreneurial climate. But these are snapshots of where we are right now. The decisions that created today's growth — decisions about education, infrastructure and the like — were made decades ago. What we see today is an American economy that has boomed because of policies and developments of the 1950s and '60s: the interstate-highway system, massive funding for science and technology, a public-education system that was the envy of the world and generous immigration policies. Look at some underlying measures today, and you will wonder about the future.

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Asked by tasches at 6:02 PM on Mar. 3, 2011 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (6)
  • Not for my family but we don't measure success by the stock market or GDP.

    I like to think of the US as a collection of families, not so much a collection of corporations and infastructure. I think some of the problem is that we measure success by our ability to expand rather than sustain.

    Answer by UpSheRises at 6:08 PM on Mar. 3, 2011

  • During RonaldReagan's presidency, the US went from being the #1 importer of raw materials, #1 exporter of manufactured goods and a creditor nation to annihilating our manufacturing sector, being the #1 importer of manufactured items and a debtor nation. Free trade ain't so free, folks. We grew UNFUNDED government by drastically cutting taxes on the top 1% of wage earners while spending like drunken sailors-it was all a house of cards that was meant to be temporary....we destroyed our own economy and now those cards are laying in ruins. An industrialized Third world

    BTW, BO tried the same tactics as RR-they failed, as the base the base was already on unstable ground.


    Answer by Sisteract at 6:11 PM on Mar. 3, 2011

  • Fareed Zakaria is one of the most intelligent commentators on TV . I think his program on what needs to be done to get the US on the right track again will be worth watching - next Sunday, I believe .

    Answer by janet116 at 8:59 PM on Mar. 3, 2011

  • I don't see, bulling, expansionism, living beyond your means, and imperialism as the, "Best Days". The United States has been the number one Super Power for for a few dozen years. This meant that we have had the most money, the biggest guns and the most resources. We dictated the terms in almost every international situation we encountered. It was a bitter pill indeed, when occasionally, as with Vietnam, we could not dictate the terms exactly as we would have liked.
    When nations decline, they are often forced into a kinder, gentler political strategy. Diplomacy becomes not just some outmoded idea but a matter of survival. I see this as possibly the real, "Best Days".

    Answer by carnivalday at 12:25 PM on Mar. 4, 2011

  • I definately think in the near future the USA won't be #1 anymore and thats a big hard pill for alot of americans to swallow.

    Answer by ladysylpher at 8:41 AM on Mar. 4, 2011

  • OK we do nto have the largest military. CVhina has a million man army. Newsweek came out with an article statign that CHina would have the largest economy by 2020. India would follow that before 2030. OS we will not be for long. We are actually following the way of Japan's economy.

    Answer by Ibelongtojesus at 5:03 PM on Mar. 4, 2011