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It is obnoxious for women to rub their own bellies (to signify pregnancy) in front of other women?

I had to terminate a pregnancy two years ago ( & I really regret it). I deeply desire to have a child, but I'm struggling financially. This is no time for me to have a child.

Just a moment ago, I said hello to a former work partner. The whole time she rubbed her belly (which was nut just a casual rub). I paid no attention because I found this really obnoxious. I just didn't say anything.

Do you think that someone who wants to bring attention to her pregnancy by rubbing her belly is a bit obnoxious (if not distasteful being that it could be emotionally painful to another person)?

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:59 AM on Mar. 9, 2011 in Just for Fun

Answers (17)
  • Depends-if you think they are doing it on purpose and not just out of habbit yea it's annoying. I rubbed my belly alot to, but it was a habbit for me..but i usually didn't do it in front of people. she was probably hoping you would ask her questions about her soon to be baby..drawing attention to herself

    Answer by Ambie0526 at 10:00 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • I don't think anyone even realizes that it would be 'emotionally painful' to other people. The fact is that people have miscarriages, stillborns, or deal with infertility issues and while it is a painful experience, life goes on for the rest of the world. That is just a fact of life and pregnant women shouldn't alter their own behavior because it might hurt someone else's feelings. We wouldn't hide our marriage if we knew our friend got divorced.

    But, I do think the belly rubbing is very obnoxious. When I was pregnant I never did it and it annoys me when other people do it. I think a lot of women do it without realizing it, but I find it gross.

    Answer by danielp at 10:01 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • Not at all. Sorry you were upset by it, but I don't think there is anything wrong with a pregnant woman rubbing her belly.

    Answer by SleepingBeautee at 10:01 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • i disagree.. sometimes i instinctively rubbed it obliviously. i think this is more about your own personal pain than pregnant women trying to offend you.

    Answer by tnm786 at 10:01 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • I don't think she meant anything by it. I know when I was pregnant I seemed to rub my belly more without noticing and I have watched my daughter do the same with her pregnancy.


    Answer by scout_mom at 10:01 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • I don't think its for attention, i think it just becomes a habit. I don't know the lady so its hard to say, but i am sure its just a habit.

    Answer by jenn4443 at 10:02 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • No I dont think it is obnoxious at all. I used to rub mine and it wasnt to hurt anyone, it was just something I did. I doubt she meant anything by it.

    Answer by gemgem at 10:03 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • I'm sorry about your experience, and that you aren't in a position to have a child right now :-(

    However, I don't think that this is something that's done to be obnoxious. For all we know, she could have been having cramps or pains, or her baby could be kicking a lot and she's found that rubbing her stomach like that soothes the baby and helps them not kick so hard, any number of reasons.

    Even if it was to draw attention, unless the lady knows your personal situation, I wouldn't take it to be mean or "rubbing it in" that she was having a baby, I think it might have just been natural excitement for a new mother (and since you describe her as a former co worker, and not a friend, I'm thinking she doesn't know this).

    I am sorry that this is so painful to you, but I think that in this case, your pain (understandable) is coloring your view of others actions.

    Hope your situation gets better soon, and you can have a baby!

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 10:04 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • ive never noticed..the only thing i will notice is when a preg woman will talk about her pregancy.."oh this pregnancy.." like its the only thing to talk about..

    Answer by shay1130 at 10:07 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

  • No, I don't think it's obnoxious. My guess is it's obnoxious to you because you made a painful decision that you regret. Don't let the hapiness of others bring you down. Jealousy is considered a bad thing for a reason. You are just at a different place in your life. Be thankful for the life you have.

    Answer by lowencope at 10:08 AM on Mar. 9, 2011

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