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Child who is potty training, but too lazy to get up and go potty. Having accidents

My child is 3 1/2 and is potty trained during the day. He wears a diaper at night. If I put the diaper on him while he's laying down, but not sleeping he will wet it. So I stopped putting diaper on him until he is sleeping, but now he will wet the bed because he doesn't want to get up and go to the bathroom. During the day he has a fit if he wets himself. Any advice

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Asked by miller7129 at 1:25 AM on Jul. 9, 2008 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • I had the same problem with my sons and I quit putting any kind of pull up or diaper on them. I do not let them have much if anything to drink before bed and when I am ready to go to bed myself (usually between 10pm and 12am) I will wake them and tell them they need to go potty. they usually protest and say they dont have to go but I tell them to get up and try anyways.. they go and dont have accidents in the middle of the night..

    Answer by Queen0Hearts at 1:35 AM on Jul. 9, 2008

  • i went through this with my daycare kid. i had her potty trained in two weeks. i became her "drill sergent" and marched her butt to the bathroom every 30 minutes and made her get on the potty. she would have a melt down about everyday or so until she got used to it. i would threaten to put her in my dd's diapers like a baby if she didn't start going in the potty. i was tired of her peeing on my carpet! she finally one day just got it and from then on it's been smooth sailing. good luck!

    Answer by SamsMom125 at 2:13 AM on Jul. 9, 2008

  • 1st are you so sure it's laziness? Not all children know that they have to go at night. He could be afraid to go into the bathroom (even with a night light)2 Boys disengaging from sleep mode to use the restroom. It's the same prinicple as the tv or something else occupying the conscience mind so they don't disengage until it's too late. 3 check with your pediatrician and make sure there isn't a medical reason. My godson had this problem and we used to punish him for being too "lazy: and found out at 9 he actually had a medical reason for not being able to get up and go at night. 4 He's a boy... they are harder to potty train period. good luck

    Answer by MissyJo68 at 11:38 AM on Jul. 9, 2008

  • I agree with MissyJo68 - are you sure it's laziness? Is he afraid of the dark? Is he too soundly asleep to know he even needs to go?

    Put nightlights in his room , the bathroom, and along the route he has to take. Give him a flashlight to use in the night.

    Get a couple of plastic sheets and make up his bed in layers - mattress, plastic sheet, regular sheet, plastic sheet, regular sheet. If he wets in the night, you can just strip off the top layer and have an "instant" remade bed.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 12:59 PM on Jul. 9, 2008

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