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For the Grandmas

Do you feel like a grandmother?
Do you feel old enough?
Are you younger or older than your parents were when they became grand parents?
What are you called?

I'm not sure what a Grandmother is supposed to feel like but I sure do love these boys, I do not feel old enough (but I like to consider myself a mother of a 7 year old not a grandmother, you tend to be friends with your kids friends parents so most of my friends are 10ish years younger than me). I was actually a year older than my father was (poor guy). And I am called grammy but when Brandon (the 2 1/2 yo) says it, it sounds more like gee gee.

I love being a grammy just not sure I FEEL like a grammy!


Asked by pammomof9 at 10:24 AM on Mar. 11, 2011 in Adult Children (18+)

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Answers (11)
  • I guess I feel like a grandma. I am only 39 and have a 4 yr old grandson & 2 yr old granddaughter (do the math lol). I also have a 6 yr old daughter. Most times when we all go to the store people think they are all mine LOL. I have to say no and explain. I know I dont treat them like my own. I spoil them more. I love them differently (not more just different).

    They call me Memaw.

    Answer by gemgem at 10:31 AM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • I feel like a grandmother to my 20 year old granddaughter. I'm definitely old enough to be a grandmother. She calls me granma. I do not feel like a grandmother to the 2 grandchildren I am raising, I definitely feel more like their mom. I'm of course old enough to be their grandmother.

    Answer by meooma at 10:27 AM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • I'm not a grandma, but my mom was 48 when my son was born and people often thought she was his mom rather than grandmother when she took him places. They call her Mimi. She was much younger than her parents were when they became grandparents (she was a late in life child). She's now 61 and has 13 grandchildren, people no longer question that she is the grandmother when she is out with my infant! :)

    Answer by missanc at 10:28 AM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • Your a grandmother but your a mother by proctes. Spelling is horrible. I'm a grandmother of 6 but sometimes I'm a subute morm also.
    My grandchildren are from 13 years old down to 17 months. I feel likd grandmothers are in the eyes of the beholders. Each of us are different and it okay to be different. So be a grandmoter when you need to be and be the second mothere when you need to be and just keep loving them with all your heart. They will keep you young and happy.

    Answer by Parka54 at 1:31 AM on Mar. 12, 2011

  • I'm not a grandma yet, but felt pulled to answer this on behalf of my mother. I am 30, Mom is 49. She and Dad were HS Sweethearts and got married right out of HS when she was 18; I was born the following year when she was 19.

    Now at 30 I am pregnant with my first, and I will be 31 when baby is born. My mom is very disconcerted by "being a grandma." She is supportive and everything, but she hates this feeling of "being too young" to be a grandma. It's interested that you ask about her parents because they were much older. My mom's mom was about 60 when I was born - but dad's mom was only 40... So our family is a hodgepodge of older and younger grandmas.

    Taking mom to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound helped her fall in love with the baby - but I wish I knew what else I could do to help this transition go a little easier.

    ... She is going to be "nana" instead of grandma.

    Answer by angelmommy11 at 10:30 AM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • I was 42 (my dad was 41) my dh was 47 ... It was weird because when we found out we were to become grandparents our youngest was 4! I had only given birth a few years before!

    angelmommy when I told my parents I was pregnant (I was 20 and had been married a year) my dad walked out of the room saying he was too young to be a grandfather. Few months later, He was crazy in love with my child, you would have never guessed for a second there was an issue. Now at 63 he will have his 5th great grandchild in August and LOVES it! (he does joke about going to bed every night with a great grandmother LOL)

    Comment by pammomof9 (original poster) at 10:43 AM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • my mom became a grandma at 46 years old, and my grandma became a great-grandma at 66 years old lol! i was 20 when i had my first baby. sometimes when my oldest & my mom are out & about, she gets confused for my daughter's mother rather than her grandmother. my daughter even looks more like her than like me! she is turning 51 this year and a grandma of 3, definitely doesn't look it though!

    one day i was chatting with this lady at the doctor's office.. she definitely looked like the mom to this little 2 year old girl she was with. come to find out, she was her grandma, and she was 34 years old! she became a grandma at 32! her daughter was 16 when she had her grandbaby, and she was 16 or 17 when she had her daughter. i was shocked.. she was only 8 years older than me and already a grandma! im sure she did not feel like one..

    Answer by tnm786 at 10:45 AM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • I don't feel like a grandmother because I never get to see the grandkids!!! My oldest son's so called wife and mother hates me until she wants something and then she will let us see them. The twin boys are 8 yrs old and they have only been to our house 4 times and the kids have only been allowed to stay the weekend once by themselves!!! The other grandchild is a Marine baby!!! I am called Mammy and I am much younger than my parents were before they were grandparents. Yes I do feel more than old enough to be Mammy.
    Billie Mae

    Answer by jesussaves58 at 10:46 AM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • actually, sorry, she was 10 years older than me at the time, but only 8 years older at the age she became a grandma.

    Answer by tnm786 at 10:47 AM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • my mom was prego with my sister and she was 48yrs and my dad was 58yrs
    at the same time one of my sisters was 22yrs prego with my niece
    so my sister and my niece are 6 months apart
    i am 53yrs and hubby is 54yrs -son 27yrs will be father this summer first grandbaby
    will be oma and opa

    Answer by dutchcanadain at 5:23 PM on Mar. 13, 2011