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How can i control my 2yr old?

she wants to do everything she dont like to do whats shes told and always answers back

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Asked by NAOMI08 at 2:42 PM on Mar. 11, 2011 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • That's why it's called the "Terrible Twos". They all pretty much go through that. Patience is the key...and remember...they are only two. They do not comprehend the way older folks do. Lol...I heard a mother once say about her two year old..." Now I know why mothers eat their young"

    Answer by sonja911 at 2:45 PM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • discipline her and be consistent.  Put her in time out or trt something visual.  We had a marble jar and every kid had a different color marble.  If they behaved and did what they were supposed to then they put a marble in the jar.  If they didn't behave we would take a marble away.  After "X" amount of marbles they would get a special treat.  We would go for ice cream or make their favorite dinner.

    Good Luck!


    Answer by cornflakegirl3 at 2:46 PM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • You don't try and control anyone, you try and TEACH them how to act appropriately. Your child is 2 and needs to be guided and taught. Have patience and TEACH your child, don't control her.

    Answer by tyfry7496 at 2:47 PM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • My daughter tries to push me but she knows whwn i say no its no. if she acts crazy and starts yelling or crying i put her in the corner for time out. after she settles down I go in there and she is normally all smiles and tries to act sweet. I get down to her level and look her in the eyes and explain to her what she did wrong and why she cant not act like that. sometimes if its really bad and im stressed from the day I put her in the crib and make her take a nap.

    You need to put ur foot down early or they will just run all over you forever.

    Answer by MissChunkyLuv at 2:57 PM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • This is the time you begin to train her in obedience and respect for authority. It's not just a phase that she will grow out of. It is the sign that parenting must begin in earnest. Your goal should be instant obedience without delay, disgust, or discussion. You must teach her now that she is not the person in control but that you and her father are and that she is to obey your every instruction. Teaching her these things now will make much more pleasant your life, her life, and the lives of all with whom she will come in contact. We spanked because we found it to be the most effective and expedient means to teach these concepts to our children. I can tell you that it was a highly successful method of discipline.

    Answer by NannyB. at 3:20 PM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • Along with these ideas make sure she is getting enough one on one time with you and your SO. Plus praise when she does things right. Make her your "big" helper in as many things as you can so she feels special. And give her tons of hugs and kisses.

    Answer by elizabr at 4:18 PM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • It's part of the age but It does get better. You will feel like your saying something a million times and they just aren't listening then one day BAM they just start doing it. I worked for months to get my daughter to use manners then one day she just randomly started and has been doing it ever since. Same with potty training.

    A lot of this stage is them learning independence and autonomy. Pick your battles and don't assume that just because they are showing a little defiance that they are going to be disrespectful for the rest of their life.

    If there is a behavior that you just can't tolerate make sure you enforce it consistently. I was strong on the idea that my daughter would stay out of the kitchen and it wasn't until she started getting time out every time she went in there that it clicked and it still took 2-3 days of catching her EVERY time.

    Answer by kayslay at 9:17 PM on Mar. 11, 2011

  • i totally feel you. my 2 year old son tells me NO when i tell hiim to do something. when he does i tell him "do not say that word to me or i will put you in time out" if he says it again i put him in a corner and tell him to face the wall. in the begining he would try to run off i would sit behind him and put him back in the corner and say to him "stay in time out". it took a while for him to actually stand there by him self. now he goes to time out but will cry after a few seconds i tell him to come to me and tell me im sorry which he does. just tell her to calm down and listen to mom.

    Answer by saraelf at 10:13 PM on Mar. 11, 2011

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