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What do you think about a married person who talks to their ex's parent(s)? *edit for clarification*

I've gotten mixed opinions in real life..just curious to see what all of you Internet folk think. If you need more info, le me know. =]
*Edit* I'm sorry, I didn't word it very well. It's an ex fiance (no kids between us), and both myself and my ex are married to other people, both with kids. I still talk to his Mom..she is like a Mom to me.


Asked by -AJ at 2:42 PM on Mar. 14, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (19)
  • If you have a history with his parents, I see no issue. Just because you and your ex boke up, doesn't mean you nd his family did! My husband's ex is friends with his bothers me, but he has nothing to do with her. And your husband is fine with it, which is more proof that it's a-okay =]

    Answer by JustCantWait88 at 9:41 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • that would depend on the back-story. if there's no weird or ill history, i don't see a problem with it. afterall, you don't just marry a person, you become part of a family, warts and all. just because a divorce occurs, you can very well take back all the goodtimes and xmases shared with the inlaws.

    Answer by dullscissors at 2:45 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • He broke up with the ex, not their parents. If he has a good relationship with their parents why should his relationship with their daughter effect it? I wouldn't interfere with it if there's no motive behind it.

    Answer by Imogine at 2:51 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • can't*

    Answer by dullscissors at 2:45 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • There's nothing wrong with it, especially if there are children involved.

    Answer by arenad at 2:47 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • I am not married, but if I do get married, I will continue to talk to my ex's mother. She is my son's grandmother and wants to be in his life which is between her and I since his dad is a deadbeat. If we weren't connected by my son, however, I wouldn't have kept up the relationship with her.

    Answer by EverydayMomma at 2:48 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • I'd think it was nice of them to have a good relationship. Especially if there were children involved. One would hope that they could have a good relationship with their children's grandparents.

    Answer by onethentwins at 2:49 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with it. When I was in high school I dated this guy and I became very close to his mom. She was a single mom and when I became pregnant I went to her first because I felt comfortable with her. If she was a live today I would still talk to her. Also, my oldest child is from a previous relationship and I still talk to my EX's mom. In fact she treats all my children the same and we are just part of the family. She loves my husband and I like we were her own children.

    So I think as long as you DH is okay with it then there is nothing wrong with it.

    Good Luck!

    Answer by cornflakegirl3 at 2:51 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • Don't see why it should be an issue. Just because someone isn't related by blood doesn't mean they can't be like family. When people are secure in their relationships don't typically get jealous. I think it is perfectly normal and healthy.

    Answer by 8Tinkerboo8 at 2:53 PM on Mar. 14, 2011

  • My husband & my kids & I go to MY ex inlaws for holiday dinners all the time. My Ex is never there as he lives out of the country now. But of course these people ARE my son's grandparents.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:53 PM on Mar. 14, 2011