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I am stuck between a rock & a hard place & i really need adice.

My husband and i have a 6 month old. I do not work because I am taking care of our child all day. He works full time for minimum wage. We live in subsudized housing and get food stamps and WIC. I really want to get a divorce and have full custody. But I can not afford to divorce i only have 2k in savings that is soully mine. And i have no where else to live, my mom will not let me move back. My husband can move back in with his parents. I could never afford to live on my own and watch our child full time. Fulltime Daycare would cost too much. I hate my husband he has cheated numerous times and i can not take it.
Really i need advice on how to get out of this marriage and to get full costudy. Or should i just suck it up and stay with the man i hate for our kid. Also we do not find in front of our child, we are some what civil.
If you have any questions on something i did not cover just ask and ill answer.


Asked by Anonymous at 12:09 AM on Mar. 15, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (17)
  • you can get government voucher to pay for day care thats what the do over here in nyc for working moms trying to get up from the whole they in look into that in your state and if u can get it move the fuck out and do u leave that shit head get your job get daycare payed for i could only imagine how fucken shitty u feel

    good luck

    Answer by cnoble927 at 9:48 PM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • Check into childcare assistance you only have to pay a portion of the childcare. I paid $18 a week for my two. Also look into legal assistance they may could help. Go to DCFS and see what other assistance and programs you can qualify for. Hope this helps.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:17 AM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • Don't know what advice to give you b/c I am stuck in a similar situation :( *hugs* I'm here if you want to talk msg me. Hope things get better!

    Answer by kayaiden8907 at 12:14 AM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • You are right. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You have no immediate alternative. You need to prepare yourself to go to work and support you and your child. Full custody depends on whether he wants to have custody. Is there any reason that the court would not give him joint custody? Why won't your parents let you come back? That might change when they realize that you are serious.

    Answer by tootoobusy at 12:14 AM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • You need to get a part ime job when you get divorce Welfare will pay for child care if you work or school talk to your state Welafre office and see the programs get on housing or on low incom housing .Good Luck.

    Answer by Betutah at 12:15 AM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • well best of luck. i wish i could have an answer for you. oh you might want to try 211 and see if they can help you out with some of your concerns,

    Answer by shellychivell at 12:21 AM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • you HAVE to get a job....if you search you can find childcare you can afford...its stressful and its a hunt but there are many SAHM who will watch for cheaper...I am kinda in the smae boat butIhave3 kids and work FT. Being home in a bad relationship makes youi very vulnerable. You may even qualify for assistance with childcare. Seperating and no job will not work well...GOOD luck

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:28 AM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • I suggest marriage consuling. or try going to a consleur, and see if you can bring your husband. And/or talking with a preacher with / without your husband. i know you are hurt by your husband, but if he was willing to work on his problem would it change your perspective.

    Answer by CrimsonHaze at 12:56 AM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • I agree that you need to prepare to find a job. It is part of the responsibility of having a child. You don't say exactly why you want a divorce. Was he a jerk or is it because you're not prepared for marriage? I don't know your exact circumstances but what was your backup plan when you got married and decided to have a child (if you did plan it)? What about being a full-time live in nanny? You can take care of your child without paying for daycare, earn some money or not even have to pay rent in exchange for the nanny service of taking care of someone else's child in addition to your own. Au pairs do this all the time. That's one solution that would take care of all of your problems.

    Answer by hellokittykat at 1:37 AM on Mar. 15, 2011

  • He only wants to see our baby every other week. And my mom hates babies.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 12:17 AM on Mar. 15, 2011