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Babysitting delema

i am a sahm of 2 school aged children. i recently started watching a 4 month old baby, in my home 3 days a week. the baby goes with me inmy car to get my kids to and from the bus stop. i agreed to watch the baby when my kids have school vacations, and summer break. i asked the mom if it was ok if the baby drove in my car with me nad my kids during vacations to go to the park or library. both within 10 minutes of my home. she is really not comfortable with this, and i understand, i was the same way. but i do not want my children to have to stay home 3 days a week during vacations and the summer, because i have the baby. its a 9 hours day 2 days a week, and the third day is 4 hours. i told the mom i would schedule outings with my kids for my days off. but in the event a frind calls for a play date, or its a beautiful day and my kids would like to go to the park, i would like to be able to take them. am i being unreasonable??? my husband did nto want me to babysit at all during the summer, he does not feel even 1 day should be taken away from our children. when first discussed with the mom, it was more or less left as, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. well, we got to it. any advice or opinons?????

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:33 AM on Mar. 19, 2011 in General Parenting

Answers (6)
  • Let her know that you will be taking trips over the summer. If she doesn't like it, she can find another sitter.

    Answer by layh41407 at 10:41 AM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • im usually the type of person who does not like to say no to people, and thus, i find myself in these very situations. and to make it a little more difficult, she is almost family. on the one hand i feel like, this is the job i took on, and i am being paid to care for her baby. but at the same time, no job or amoutn of money is enough to take my childrens summer away. hmmm she goes in the care with me to the bus, whats another 1/4 mile to go to the park???? thank you for your feed back.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 10:46 AM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • If you let mom know how you plan to protect her baby, it might calm her down. Is there shade? Do you have a portable playpen? Never had an accident? I don't think it's right for her to dictate your life just because you have her child. But, if it's her first baby, I can understand. By the time summer gets here, baby will be 6 months. Mom may get over the fear she now has by then. Just relax with her. Maybe tell her that you felt the same way with your first. The "overprotective" reactions will subside soon enough. Let her know her feelings are normal.

    Answer by Kimimale at 10:55 AM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • it is her first baby, and i was ( and am sometimes still ) the same way. we have a great relationship, and dialouge as far as that goes. we are in constant contact through out the day when i have the baby. and i have even started a "communication book" for her and i to write back and forth in just so we both know whats going on at all times. we text message literally all day long. when baby ate, how much she ate, if she spit up, when she napped and for how long, bowel movements. everything. as far as my driving, i was in one minor car accident well over 15 years ago. i have a clean driving record. i am not trying to run personal errands on her time. i would just like to be able to still maintain my childrens quality of life through out the summer. i am not interested in going all over town with 2 7 year olds and an infant lol just an occasional outing to the park would be nice.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 11:00 AM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • yikes this is a hard situation does not seem that bad if it is less than 10 min away

    Answer by ChanQ at 1:25 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • i feel that when u leave ur kids somewhere and that person has something to do , cuz everyone has something to do that it would only make sence that the child has to go , and the child will be going to the park enjoying themselfs too , so i dont think ur making a big thing ot it ,

    Answer by frances693 at 1:33 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

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