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What do you use...

Ive had acne since sophmore year in hs.. Ive tried EVERYTHING that i can possible think of to fix this problem.. Ive taken meds. proactive. and most all over the counter crap.. Is There Anything You Use That Truley Helps??? type of soap ect???


Asked by kylansmommy09 at 11:56 AM on Mar. 19, 2011 in Beauty & Style

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Answers (13)
  • fixing the underlying reason WHY you have acne in the first place.. otc creams only work on whats already at the surface and only if you have that exact skin type and condition that the cream is made to treat..

    so what causes acne in the first place? a majority of the time its one or a few of these things: diet, hormones, and/or stress. which are all things you can work on at home. talk to a dietician or go online and find better diet plans to reduce acne first.. (lots of water and fiber are two good ways to start, they flush out the toxins more properly.. too many toxins can end up being expelled through our pores in we eat too much of them, hence why it can produce acne.
    secondly: try to seek a facialist, they can not only give you an amazing relaxing facial that helps with stress, but can access your skin type and condition and treat what is topically there

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 12:24 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • If you are not pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant, talk to your doctor about a daily tetracycline. That and proactive are the only things that ever worked to end my problem.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:59 AM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • be aware ANY treatments may take up to 6 months to see accurate results.. while it may work for a week, 6 months allows time to see if it truly is continuing to work..

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 4:30 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • I had horrible acne as a teenager, then it started going away right before I got pregnant, then came back. It's been getting worse and worse for 2 years, and someone suggested Cetaphil to me. I bought the anti-bacterial bar and the moisturizer with SPF and my skin started clearing up after like 3 days. It's almost totally clear, now. All that's left are a few scars and one bump that was the last to clear up. It's the only thing I've used that has helped (I used Proactive, Clearasil, Neutrogena, Clinique, Noxema, etc.).

    Answer by Mrs.BAT at 5:17 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • I use Neutrogena soap, the kind of clear looking bar. That and a moisturizer from Clinique called Clear Solutions Hydrator. Clinique will give you free samples to try and see what works best for you. And whatever you do, don't pick your face! I'm sure you heard that before tho!

    Answer by mommyxdos at 12:11 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • thirdly: talk to your doctor about your hormone levels. some bc is made to balance out your hormones and reduce acne by doing so.

    if all else fails get your health screened, sometimes its more than diet, stress and hormones. my cousins acne is caused be allergies and so long as she treats her allergies properly and finds time to reduce her stress she is clear.

    but regardless until you treat the condition(s) that are causing the acne you can't treat the acne.. it will come back unless you treat the underlying cause which topical creams just can't do.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 12:27 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • Try asking Dawn Gallagher, mother, model, author who has a site called Nature's Beauty Secrets. She has a lot of natural remedies from various women all over the world. You can also find her site on Facebook.

    Answer by rosiemendo at 12:52 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • yes they can, and are made to try your individual skin type and conditions.. :) and are soooo relaxing.. i loved getting then and they aren't so bad to give either :)

    they also can tell you better make up to use for your skin type and condition and a better daily regiment. they are just as certified as a derm assistant

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 1:29 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • I have had skin issues since I was a teenager (I'm 31 now). I was even on Accutane when I was 16. The things that have helped me the most are good exfoliation (I am now using a citrus peel every other day), and a toner made of tea tree oil. The tea tree oil dries up breakouts and soothes the skin, bringing down any inflammation. Basis also makes a great tea tree oil soap that I use every morning, and I use a makeup removing cleanser every night. More than anything, my skin reacts to any changes in my usual routine. Try a new cleanser, break out. Try a new powder (I won't use foundation), start peeling and flaking. I am usually ok if I just stick to my usual routine.

    Answer by JulieJacobKyle at 2:20 PM on Mar. 19, 2011

  • I may try the facial too. I didn't know they can help with what is already there

    Answer by mommyxdos at 12:30 PM on Mar. 19, 2011