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How do you know?

How do you know if your in love?...I thought i was but now i know im not IN LOVE i just LOVE HIM...i never understood that till now..So how do you know if and when you are in love..


Asked by gracie43008 at 11:36 AM on Nov. 25, 2008 in Relationships

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Answers (7)
  • i love my hubby...sometimes i want to cuddle and call him snookums and pinch his ass then make love.....

    and others i stand their going "why didnt you take the trash out yet?"

    if youa re in love with smeone.....once the romance ohh la la beginning feeling matter how peeved you get at them sometimes, no matter how irritated or frustrating they get (and they will) you cant imagine your life without them, and they make your heart smile.

    the thought of my husband not being with me....i feel an aching deep inside i cant even describe...but when he gets home from work and gives me a big kiss and a hug...its a feeling no one else will ever craete for me.

    in love is not a fairytale...screw the its an amazing gift and you'll know it ....

    Answer by moki1984 at 1:20 PM on Nov. 25, 2008

  • I think being in love can be a fluid thing. it can come and go in a relationship. I always love my husband, but that romantic feeling of being in love is, well, just a feeling, and so it's transient.

    Answer by BlueFrogMama at 11:40 AM on Nov. 25, 2008

  • Not only that, BlueFrogMama, you forgot to say that you have to work at that romantic feeling. Movies make it look so easy to just fall in love and both people know how to do the perfect thing... But movies lie. Really you have to work and work hard. As long as that core of love is there, that is the most important thing. You have to work for the rest.

    Answer by evilabbysmom at 11:49 AM on Nov. 25, 2008

  • I agree with both of the PP's. I love my husband dearly, the "in love" sensation comes and goes and you have to feed it to keep it alive.

    Answer by riotgrrl at 12:03 PM on Nov. 25, 2008

  • I agree with all the ladies above. Mostly with Riotgrll. Its so true and you have to feed it to keep it alive thats the key.

    Answer by Nikkisabella at 12:50 PM on Nov. 25, 2008

  • When you're "in love" your heart melts when he smiles at you, you get excited around him, etc. Love is a verb. It's how you treat someone...

    Answer by figaro8895 at 12:56 PM on Nov. 25, 2008

  • i am the same way.....moki.....

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:11 PM on Nov. 25, 2008