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Im not sure my Marriage will Last... adult content

My Husband is Bi. I knew this. I didnt really have a problem at first, but now, Im not so sure. Last night we were getting intimate.. and well we were watching bi porn (two males and a female) Well he has a thing for black men. No biggie. Well the porn was about a girl cheating on her boyfriend with a black man, and the boyfriend catching them in the act. Well the GF forces her BF to suck the black mans private. And while he was doing so.. my husband got so off, it disturbed me. It completely turned me off.

My husband noticed I wasnt into it anymore, and he turned off the movie. I told him that I have accepted that he is bi, but Im not sure if he is confused about being gay, or actually bi. He gets more turned on by men than women. He threw back at me that I dont like to see men naked. ITS TRUE. Guys pee pee's arent the sexiest thing in the world ladies.

I told him straight men like WOMEN not men. Straight men get off by seeing a woman, not a muscular man giving another man oral. I told him that he has to excuse me for my reaction, that I am STILL getting used to the fact that he is bi.

He confuses me. Im not sure if he is straight up gay, or Bi.- He says he just likes to fantasize, But I told him normal people, sure they have fantasies, but they dont try to"live it out" everytime they have sex with their spouse... right??

If I never get used to this... Im not sure we will last.

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:36 AM on Mar. 22, 2011 in Relationships

Answers (26)
  • I don't think I would want my husband watching any porn while we're having sex. When we're having sex, I want to know that he's thinking about me, and not thinking about what's on the tv.

    Answer by PhoenixsMommy10 at 9:40 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • Your a stronger women then I am , because the moment I heard bi I would have been gone. Because You never know when he will get a notion to take off and fufill these fantacies. I never wanna come second in the bedroom. I want it to be all about ME and noone else especially another man! Good luck with this.

    Answer by jmgblair10 at 9:41 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • Exactly what I tell Dh, but he just thinks Im making a joke... I also BEG for him to make love to me.. and he wont.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 9:41 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • A lot of strait women get turned on by seeing 2 women together, it really has nothing to do with sexual orientation. If you knew he was Bi when you got married, then you really have no room to complain.

    Answer by Zakysmommy at 9:41 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • IF he is completely ignoring you sexually, then there are issues. But not just because he's bi

    Answer by Zakysmommy at 9:43 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • Well it sounds like a LOT...I mean if you both are bi I can see it working out. IDK - Im plain old heterosexual and a man's private part turns me on more than any other body part on the planet. With that said, maybe he is just leaning toward the gay portion of being bi for now. I mean if he doenst get off on women at all, he maybe gay. IDK - wish you the best maybe someone in the same situation can help. It just seems like a lot, it's enough with just two straight people.

    Answer by PurplWildFlower at 9:43 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • I agree with the poster above.

    Answer by older at 9:44 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • I meant I agree with zackysmommy.

    Answer by older at 9:45 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • I agree with jmg, I heard BI I'd run!!! In my own opinion, with a guy I feel that Bi means gay ut scared to come out! Thats just me.. Be careful, the signs are clearly there, my heart goes out to you because I do not see this going away or getting better!

    Answer by JenzAmomOf2 at 9:48 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

  • He gets off MORE to men than women. He DOES like giving ME oral, but it just feels like I come secondary to everything else...Im just confused. When we were first married- his bi interests or fantasies were just that. A thought. Now its creeping its way into our bedroom, and the longer we are together, the more confused I am getting with his sexual orientation

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 9:51 AM on Mar. 22, 2011

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