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How do you dicipline a 10 month old?

I am feeling like a terrible mom. My son is getting so fusterated when he can't do something and he throughs a temper tantrum. The full out throws his head back and cries. He is 10 months and still isn't crawling. I think we baby him too much and have spoiled him. It's just so hard to hear him cry. He also won't hold a bottle himself. I just feel like I'm failing as a mom. I want to do what's best for him to grow up to be the fine gentalman his father is.

I know he is fusterated because he can't communicate what he needs, but I try everything to understand him. I don't know if he needs to be diciplined or I need a course in how to read my child. What age do you start diciplining?

Please HELP!

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Asked by Britters_37 at 12:30 PM on Mar. 23, 2011 in General Parenting

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  • I started when my children began to crawl. They would crawl up to something, and we would tell them "no" and move them away. We would repeat that action until such time as we were sure they knew they were doing what they had been told not to do, and we then would smack their hands and move them away. You can tell when this time is reached, because they will look at you and you can see the defiance in their eyes as they move toward the forbidden object. If you will consistently discipline in this fashion, you will never have to put your things up out of reach and you will never have to worry about them bothering stuff when you take them other places. They have learned early on that no does indeed mean no. Of course, the child will cry, because he knows that's how he wears you down so that he can do as he pleases. When he sees it doesn't work, he will give that up, too. He is being trained that he doesn't always get his way!

    Answer by NannyB. at 12:36 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

  • He is too young to be disciplined. Set up his world so he has interesting things to play with and look at. Spend time playing with him on the floor. Take him with you when you do things around the house and talk to him about what you are doing. Go to a good book store and browse books on babies' development, their milestones etc. You are a great mom! GL

    Answer by elizabr at 12:36 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

  • Wow, I'm not sure.....what type of discipline are you considering? I'm clueless on this one, just keep showing him you love him. I spoil my kids like crazy, everybody always told me with my 6 yo to stop letting him get away with this or that because it'll just get worse. Well to everyone's surprise it didn't get worse, when he was old enough to understand my feelings and what and why his actions were wrong he quite doing those things. Good luck though

    Answer by yesmaam at 12:37 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

  • Too young to discipline!!!! U need patience! If u need a break,put baby down for a nap and play some soft music for him. He is acting normal,but he will eventually hold a bottle by himself as well as crawl. Not all kids crawl,some walk instead. It sounds like u r really stressed and the baby picks up on that. U need to relax,take some time to yourself and put him down for a nap,try a warm bottle of milk. Stay unstressed and calm and he will sleep for a while.

    Answer by dancer at 12:38 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

  • I have an 18 month old and let me just say that I feel ya! The tantrums can be sooo frustrating. Its really too early in my opinion at 10 months to start "disciplining". Redirecting his attention is the best way at that age to keep him from doing something naughty. Also, it helps some with the tantums because instead of "no" they're getting an alternative. As for the crawling, have you spoken with his pedi about your concerns? We were very lucky to have early intervention with my dtr because she was a preemie. They mad a huge difference in helping her with her milestones and were sooooo helpful with suggestions and support for me. In fact, when she algraduated" it was bittersweet because o really liked working with them.

    Answer by Danyellimom at 12:42 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

  • At that age you are getting close to understanding 'correction' but not quit there. Right now you are still working on learning the word 'no' so a firm 'no' followed by redirection. IMO

    Answer by But_Mommie at 12:42 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

  • we started displining my daughter pretty early on I want to say around 9 10 months but just with saying no to things. She would crawl or cruise and we had to teach her what was safe and what wasn't. As she got older maybe a year and half or so we started time outs. I dont know if we did it to early though because eventually she would put herself in time out. lol

    have you takled to your peditrican about your concerns with his developement, and speech?

    Answer by JNLmomme09 at 12:49 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

  • Every child learns at their own pace. My Son NEVER wanted to hold his bottle! Don't listen to what people say that the child is SUPPOSED to do by "THIS" time. Let him go at his own pace. No disciplining is necessary. I do not believe in hitting a child ever. As far as the crawling goes, have you tried making him reach for his favorite toy? Then putting it farther away each time? You are NOT a bad Mom & PREPARE yourself for the "TERRIBLES" which may last until 4 years old. Be patient and take one day at a time. You are doing nothing wrong & I understand how frustrating & stressful it is at times, every Mom goes through this. They grow up fast & once he is walking, you have a whole new set of issues. hang in there and maybe take a walk together outside. My Son LOVED Baby Einstein DVD's, they would instantly relax him with the classical music. Borrow a few from the library! GL


    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 1:11 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

  • Sounds like you need "Signing Time." Teach your kid to sign and he can tell you what he needs. I agree with the others, he's too young to dicipline. ...but you can use your voice to teach "No."

    Answer by sharebearII at 1:15 PM on Mar. 23, 2011

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