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39 Weeks Vent, Not A Question

Oh lordy lordy lordy...

I am now 39 weeks and I have never been so uncomfortable in my entire life. This kid has both feet planted firmly in my left ventricle and her head parked on my bladder. I can't sit up for more than 20 minutes before the pelvic pressure becomes intolerable. I'm moody, I have insomnia and the only thing that is currently making life worth living is Tater Tot Casserole, which I am obsessed with and can't get enough of in spite of the acid reflux it gives me. I'm nervous about giving birth, because I'm 41 years old. The fact that this is Kid #3 and everything was fine the other two times isn't making me feel much better because I sort of feel like I've used up all my Birth Luck.

I'm quite sure many can relate to all this. Just thought I'd share.

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Asked by Fistandantalus at 10:36 AM on Mar. 26, 2011 in Pregnancy

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Answers (9)
  • im sorry momma!!!!!!!

    Answer by kylansmommy09 at 10:38 AM on Mar. 26, 2011

  • aww, well I'm so glad that you only have a week left!! Sounds like you are miserable... I'm sure you havent used all your birth luck up!! They say you can go anywhere between 36 and 40 weeks....sounds like baby has run out of room...I'm sure she will be exiting soon!! Hang in there mommy!!

    Answer by katieandchris01 at 10:41 AM on Mar. 26, 2011

  • Tater Tot Casserole??What is it? I know EXACTLY how you feel! I am turning 42 in May, when I had Zak, I was amonth less a day, to turning 40. Zak was my FOURTH and FINAL child! I was so apprehensive, due to my age and some minor health issues along the way. I was physically miserable thruout the ENTIRE pregnancy, due to extreme sick and discomfort. I couldnt stand up comfortably, I couldnt sit down comfortably and NO! I couldnt lay down comfortably. I couldnt sleep EVER, I had EXTREME restless leg syndrome ALL the time, so I paced ALOT. At night, Id get up and pace, hoping to wear out my restless legs, then Id lie down and bounce, right back up to PACE MORE. I couldnt wait for Zak's birth. All I can say is, DONT stress unnecessarily, unless the doc tells you of a valid concern. I was miserable, stressed, worrying, Zak was born, a little early (Thank God!), but absolutely perfect. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Answer by JLP2009 at 10:53 AM on Mar. 26, 2011

  • I'm sorry that you are so uncomfortable... Hopefully, you'll be out of the woods in a week. One of my coworkers is currently 10 days past due and will be induced Monday if she doesn't go naturally this weekend. I'll pray for your easy labor. (And if you want you can send good thoughts to Tara this is her first and she's scared to death...)

    Answer by karischub at 2:53 PM on Mar. 26, 2011

  • Aww ... Hang in there! It will all be worth it.

    Answer by mommywood632 at 11:12 PM on Mar. 26, 2011

  • i am soooo with you on this still working 40 hours a week plus and im 39 weeks and 3 days!!! im only 28 but my back is killing me cuz this little guy hasnt moved down enough and his shoulders keep hitting my back and praying for you and of course myself..time for a walk lol

    Answer by ahsot1230 at 1:14 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • Good luck to you. I'm sorry you're in so much pain, but you are almost there!

    Answer by prissysayshi at 4:21 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • thanks for sharing

    Answer by asil at 12:52 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • I'd kill for tater tots now. I'm at 38 weeks and have been off all grains and potato products for two weeks. GRRR! Not even a potato chip can help my mood until after baby appears :( (I'm 35 with my first)

    Answer by GoodyBrook at 1:44 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

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