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Any funny moments going to the hospital.....or during/after labor, or a c-section??

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Asked by Michigan-Mom74 at 12:09 AM on Mar. 27, 2011 in Just for Fun

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  • Um, I puched my twins' father in the eye when I went into labor, Oops(:

    Answer by GraciesMommy464 at 12:10 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • My moment was when I was geting ready for my OB to perform my c-section cause they thought my dd was gonna weigh 10 lbs!! She only ended up weighing 8lbs 13oz. Anyway, when my OB was cutting into the 1st few layers of my stomach, it seemed I had a whole lot of amino fluid protecting my dd! I heard a loud spash, and I thought "did a nurse just drop over a pan of water or something?" Then my OB said "holy shit!" I know that just slipped out becausre I could see his atonished look. I started laughing, and was promply told to stop, which as u know made it worse, then the whole room of nurses started laughing. About that time my Dh comes in and looks around like he just landed on a planet full of 2 headed people!! lol

    Comment by Michigan-Mom74 (original poster) at 12:11 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • sort of. When I was in labor with my daughter I said F this hurts and my husbands jaw dropped because it was the first time he ever heard me swear

    Answer by mommy_of_two388 at 12:11 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • LOL.he shouldn't have been so close!

    Comment by Michigan-Mom74 (original poster) at 12:11 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • When I went into labor with my 4yr DS, even though my DH was with me, I drove to the hospital through rush hour traffic and trying to take backroads...LOL

    (He's not very good with directions and I wasn't about to give directions and try to breath at the same time)lol

    Answer by bingogurl at 12:12 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • With DD #2...I had just got the hospital and the nurse didn't check me immediately. I yelled at her ten minutes later that she was coming and when she checked me I was crowning! My husband didn't make it in time as he was at a race and didn't have a cell with him. The doctor was 5 minutes late for the birth and then a few minutes later he knocked over the container with my placenta in it and it was a really gross mess.

    Answer by ashisamom at 12:13 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • With my first son we arrived at the OB desk contractions 5 mins apart. I did not look very pregnant. Nurse says "go walk for an hour" I was like wtf? So we walked when we came back contractions were 2 mins apart she rolled her eyes and said "fine we'll check you but we're probably sending back home" We got in a room and the nurse went to check me my sons hand was 'crowning" She said "OH I could just bitch slap her" and ran out.. LOL..funny now, not then.

    Answer by GrnEyedGrandma at 12:20 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • when i was havinig contractions that were 2 minutes apart - drive was 20 minutes, 4 in the morning my husband kept saying 'told you so' over an over again.. because he had tried to get me to go to the hospital 9pm the night before!!! i didnt think i was in labor - i was 3 weeks early!

    with our first ..i was in the hospital being induced.. being EXTREMELY bored in the room my husband decided to play with the buttons on the bed.. i almost peed the bed i couldnt stop laughing.. good times :} i am actually laughing typing this always makes me laugh!

    with my 2nd.. my doctor decided it would be another few hours before i am ready to push .. welll he went out to lunch!! within 45 minutes of him being gone i went from being 7 to crowning.. the nurses didnt know where he was paged him called him 4 - 5 times finally got a hold of him.. he was stuck in traffic.. stupid nurses told me NOT TO PUSH FOR 20 MINUTES!! .. not funny.

    Answer by 3HappylKidds at 12:31 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • I was being prepped for my c-section a couple weeks ago, and while they were about to do the spinal I had this really bad urge to go #2. I mean like it just sprung up out of nowhere and it was horrible. I just kept mumbling over and over 'I've gotta poop I've gotta poop' and I didn't realize I was doing it and my husband thought I was nuts! I think it's because I was so nervous though. After they gave me my spinal the feeling went away thank goodness.

    Answer by Nanixh at 12:46 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • I always had more water then was expected so each time there was always the surprise jumping back of the DR and loud that point i felt sorry for housekeeping,lol

    Answer by wheresthewayout at 1:24 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

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