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Could someone help me out?

I am 16 years old. I think I am pregnant. My last period was February 17th-24th. I have a very regular cycle and never miss a month. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for the first time March 3, and have many times since then (sometimes with a condom, sometimes not.) Anyways, I'm ten days late for my period...I took two pregnancy tests on the 23rd. I don't know if I read the tests too early, or somehow got a negative instead of a positive..? Well I have one more test left... Should I wait another week to take this one? It's just all overwhelming me so much and I know it's my fault for getting myself into this situation...

Oh, and I also put the first day of my last cycle into a pregnancy calendar, and it said I probably conceived on March 3rd...the day I lost my virginity. (I know this doesn't mean that I am pregnant, I just thought I'd test it.)

If anyone would like to know anything else, you can message me. Thank you so much.

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Asked by TeenMom679 at 4:37 AM on Mar. 27, 2011 in Pregnancy

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  • If you are at least a week late, I would take the pregnancy test. make sure you follow directions EXACTLY. And if you get a negative, and your period doesnt come ina week or so, go to your doctor so they can do blood work to see if you are pregnant.

    Answer by AprilDJC at 4:42 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • Well I just don't want to go to the doctor until I get an at home positive on the test...cause I'm 16 and don't want to worry my mom unless I have to.
    Also, I have really sore and tender breats, sleep literally ALL day, and I eat a lot more than usual.

    Comment by TeenMom679 (original poster) at 4:44 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • it is important that you talk to an adult, someone close to you... if anything it is possible you are pregnant... but most of the time it takes at least 2 weeks after unprotected sex befor you can get a ptest n get good result... if the 2 says negative, then it is either true or too early... its best to see a doctor n get some real answers... hope things work out for you... you might also think of talking to your parents bout it... if it concerns you so much... my guess is talk to your mom first... it is way too early for you to be a teen mom so avoid unprotected sex as much as possible... goodluck...

    ...other moms may answer you questions better... so just wait awhile n hear them out...

    Answer by jkkpotters at 4:51 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • I can relate, when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, I was 6 weeks preggers, and I too was young! Not 16 but I just turned 18 and moved out on my own, two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant! I would wait another week or even maybe two just because I took a home pregnancy test one week before I went in to the dr and it was a negative test... so in my case that one week made a world of a difference! I know that its hard to do that, but to find out for sure, its best to wait a while longer! Also, if you plan on having unprotected sex I would get on some birth control. Even with birth control you need to be careful. I got pregnant with my first child when I was on the pill and when I got pregnant with my second, I was on the depo shot! Im currently on the IUD and have been for the last 4 years, I love it and so far its been successful at preventing pregnancies! Good luck! You can message me if you have any ?

    Answer by amberlina2003 at 7:12 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • I'd wait a little longer to take the test and if it's still coming up neg. without a period I'd be talking to a responsible adult you feel comfortable with (like your mother) for advice.

    Answer by ethans_momma06 at 8:53 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • i would wait a little bit and take another test maybe u are just late

    Answer by mommie_of02 at 9:12 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • My breasts grew a cup size in a month and were sore all of the time when i first got pregnant

    Answer by AliciaLamoreux at 9:58 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • I would say give it another week, and take the test again. If you then still don't see your periods, I would say go to your doctor.

    Answer by asap1908 at 10:03 AM on Mar. 27, 2011

  • take the test, or see if you have a local free clinic or planned parenthood that would do a test for you. you could be, or it could just be that you are late due to "increased" activity...

    Answer by asil at 12:25 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

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