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What's the most annoying thing your neighbors do?

Mine don't watch their kids, leave their baseballs in our yard that our lawn mower usually "eats", throw fireworks at or deck in the late hours, shot a BB into one of our windows, play music so loud that inside the house I can make out every single lyric, go sledding down our driveway when there's snow and I've asked them repeatedly not to, blaze through our yard for hours on their loud four-wheeler, shoot with a rifle at various objects in their yard which is too close to ours to be shooting, have bonfires at least 3 times a week and let the flames rise to 5 feet and then make a game of jumping over it at 1am or later--- oh yeah, did I mention all of these kids are minors and that most of them aren't even in middle school yet?

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Asked by SweetLoveofMine at 8:46 AM on Mar. 28, 2011 in Home & Garden

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  • They have opposite awake hours, which mean when we are going to bed their UP time is just beginning which often means friends and partying. HATE IT!

    Answer by meooma at 8:48 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • Wow! I would call the police on some of those things deffinatly with the guns. My neighbors park their car in front of our driveway. Another neighbor turns his music in his car really, really loud durring naptime everday so i have to keep telling DS it's ok. Cuse he thinks are falling.

    Answer by Liamsmom09 at 8:50 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • We dont have hardly any neighbors and the kids that did live here all grew up. Mostly it is just my small kids now who arent that small (11 and 6). We do have an older lady up the road and she has 3 dogs. She doesnt put them on a leash or tie then out. They come into our yard and everyones. They killed one of our cats. They bit one of my dogs. I am probably buying a bb gun this summer so I can make sure they dont come into my yard when the kids are outside. We have called animal control many times, and they dont do anything.

    Answer by gemgem at 8:52 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • I love all my neighbors, except one, she is an agoraphobic-hoarder-animal hoarder. I'm about ready to contact the county mental health services board and animal control, and the county for getting her house condemned. I've done all I can do to help her, time to get the law and SS on board. Hopefully, her place will be torn down by fall and her family will step up and do something with her. And then I can go get my cat back that she stole 18 months ago. lol,.


    Answer by jewjewbee at 8:54 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • They always have a lot of cars at their house and sometimes it blocks our driveway

    Answer by L0vingMy3Girls at 8:56 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • We've called the police and the fire dept as well. They always see them coming and stop whatever they're doing and I'm sure it makes us look like we over exaggerated. I know that it's going to be any day now that somebody's going to be hurt. I've done my part is all I can say. I can't help that "parents" don't watch their kids and let them act like that.


    Comment by SweetLoveofMine (original poster) at 8:57 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • just take pictures of it next time, take a video of it and also how they tone everything done when they see police coming and such and show it to the police.

    Answer by LittleBirdFly at 9:02 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • I live around a bunch of college students, but sounds like you all have it worse than I do. Occasionally I will hear a car "thumping" because the music is so loud, but normally it's pretty peaceful. The biggest issue I have is when they let their dogs poop in our yard. The partying and everything is usually a little worse in the fall, but our neighbor was courteous enough to let us know when they were going to party and to let him know if they got too loud.

    Answer by mommy_jules at 9:02 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • Just had family move in diagonally from my house. They own "hot rods" and race them up and down the street. Another couple 2 houses down are having an affair with my other neighbor and got caught. She is now pregnant and they are always meeting in front of my house arguing.

    Answer by Nickcole23 at 9:08 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • Sounds like you live next to a bunch of Hillbillies.. Reminds me of a lot of the kids that I used to go to school with. :Shudders:

    My neighbors on both sides are very nice people, but they each do something that annoys me. Our neighbor to the left insists on mowing our front yard with his riding lawn mower. He says "It's just easier for me", but I think it's because his big ol' lawn mower wasn't a justified purchase because of the size of his yard. So he wants to take over ours too. Now, it's great someone else mows it (I guess), but it was the "I'll just continue doing it" and not actually asking that bothers me the most..

    The neighbors to the right of us are admittedly nosey neighbors. It's just SUPER creepy to hear "It was soo cute the way your son was playing in the pool and when he did [enter thing he did]" when you and your son were the ONLY people outside. Which means they were inside watching from their windows.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 9:23 AM on Mar. 28, 2011

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