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Potty training trouble...

My little girl is now two and a half and I think that its about time for her to be using the potty, especially now that she is going to be a big sister in a few months. I've been struggling these last few months to get her out of diapers and into her big girl pants, she will not sit on her potty getting her to sit on it is torture and she screams and kicks and brings me a diaper and asks me to put it on her. I hid the diapers and have had no diaper days (except at night) and I have gotten her to use the potty a few times, but sometimes she refuses to sit and ends up having an accident (peeing or pooping). Lately its been worse and when I ask her if she wants to use the potty she says NO and hides somewhere where she can use her diaper. I dont know what to do and I am wondering if anyone else has gone through all of this to get their kid potty trained? What should I do to get her to use the potty? I feel like giving up, but Im so sick of changing big poopie diapers and in a few months I worry that when the baby comes she wont be potty trained... Any suggestions or similar stories would be great. Im sick of people telling me, I was potty trained at 9 months or you were using the potty when you were a year old and all of that crap...


Asked by mishamama at 4:53 PM on Mar. 28, 2011 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (5)
  • Both my girls were potty trained by 3. I started both of them when they started peeing/pooping in their diaper and taking it off on their own. I found that sitting the potty in front of their favorite tv shows and a sippy of juice when they sat down. There is also a big girl potty book that has a toilet flush and praises children on peeing or pooping on the potty. With one of my daughters I had to give up for 2 months, she just wasnt having after 2 months I put her on the potty and she was willing to learn and was trained within months! Good luck to you!

    Answer by dolphingoddess at 5:01 PM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • My son will be 2 and a half in july and he is very capable of using the potty but like your daughter he absolutely REFUSES! All I know to do is wait. My son has a lil friend that is exactly 1 week younger and her mom said she just didn't push the idea...and out of no where her daughter started telling her she needed to potty and after a week she was basically pottied trained even at night. I still find it hard to believe that its that easy but I have heard it from so many ppl let them decide when they are for now I am doing the waiting game. I know this isn't something you'd like to hear with your second one on the way but i have nothing else to tell you. I have tried it all from bribery to just putting him in his big boy far its a no go... :/ Good luck

    Answer by leann74016 at 5:04 PM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • Don't ask her if she needs to go but take her regularly like every 45 minutes or so. Get some of those books for children about using the potty. Make sure she is really ready too. Google "toilet training readiness" and look at some of the links there. It has to be done when she is ready not just because a new baby is on the way. And they sometimes regress then anyway, so you might want to wait. GL

    Answer by elizabr at 5:05 PM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • The first sign of potty training is when the toddlers began taking off their diapers. When you start noticing that take them off diapers and place them in pull-ups. After each meal allow your child to sit on his or her potty for a least 5 minutes, with his/her favorite coloring or story book. Make potty time exciting for you child, try to even use the big potty to show them that mommy is doing using it to. My last idea is using the potty dance video by pull-ups i hear it works a miracle.

    Answer by Cabbage82 at 5:12 PM on Mar. 28, 2011

  • I think maybe your Daughter is feeling the pressure you are feeling and perhaps even gets off on driving you nuts for attention. Take the pressure off for a few days and don't even mention the P word ( two days is a lifetime for a small child) and then go back at it with a new approach. Also with a new baby on the way and pressure to potty train her insistance on diapers might be a play to cling on to being a baby and her fear of transitioning into a new place in the family that she doesn't completely understand. Cuddle her, let her know how she will always be your baby but you don't want diapers holding her back. In a few days start back up with a potty training video or book, a new reward system and bring some new or favorite books to the potty to look at and make the area around her potty a cozy spot.

    Answer by hotelmom123 at 11:58 AM on Mar. 29, 2011