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Do you make our kids do chores, or do you do it all yourself?

I prefer to have my kids do chores daily. I think taking care of a house should be a team effort and it teaches them to respect the house we live in and gives them responsibility.

I know others who don't have their kids do a thing.


Asked by Renee3K at 2:07 PM on Mar. 29, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (14)
  • All 4 of my kids had responsibilities when growing up. We didn't call them "chores" as that seems to have a negative connotation to it. They were raised to understand that each family member has responsibilities that help the family function properly. They learned how each responsibility affects another, like a puzzle. Such as, if we don't wash dishes, we can't cook a meal...if we don't get laundry to the laundry room, we don't have clean clothes to wear...etc.

    Answer by specialwingz at 2:13 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • we don't have any kind of chore list or anything. we go by the "if i ask you to do something you do it" rule. i think chore charts are a waste..i mean, what if you ask your kid to do something thats not on the chart..then they can just smart off to you and say "thats not my chore" i don't ask for too much of my son..he is usually happy to help

    Answer by shay1130 at 2:15 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • My youngest is still an infant, she gets out of chores - at least til she can walk! lol
    But the older two, they have chores, and they do them. IF they keep up with their chores and behave, they will get their allowance. If they misbehave or refuse to do their chores - they pay me!

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 2:17 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • I'm not the maid. All 4 of my kids have chores. They are 10, 9, 8 and 5 and they all basically have the same chores and are responsible for cleaning any mess they make in any room of the house so they clean their rooms, fold and put away their clean clothes, wipe counters, sweep the floors, clean their bathroom, pick up messes in other rooms. They unload the dishwasher when asked, take out the trash/recycling, help in the yard (the 9yo is learning to cut the grass in the backyard) and the older 3 know how to wash and dry their own clothes (taught them when they were 6 1/2, 7 1/2 and 9 and they did their own laundry for a full year).
    They don't get an allowance because they aren't doing anything other than cleaning up after themselves which should be expected not, rewarded. They help with other stuff in the house because they live here and it's everyone's responsibility to care for the house.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 2:24 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • My kids are one and three, so they dont have chores. However they do help me when Im cleaning.. And they will have chores when they understand them :)

    Answer by Amelia512 at 2:09 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • I do it myself mostly. I make sure they know how to do dishes, vacuum, take out the trash and when old enough laundry. They are responsible for bringing their dirty cloth hampers to me on laundry days and keeping their rooms picked up. As for a chore list, like I said no. I just ask them to help me and I have never had a fight about it. Their job imo is to be good students, be in a sport at all times, be good team members on their sport team, and be kids.

    Answer by gemgem at 2:09 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • ***That should have said YOUR, not our. I got sidetracked and didn't spell check, oops!

    Comment by Renee3K (original poster) at 2:10 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • My kids are 4 and 5. I have them help clean off the table and night and they have to pick up toys and put dirty clothes in proper places! When it come to cleaning their room and other more complex things, they have to helo me but I don't make them do it alone their attention span is not that long and it seems overwhelming for them to go at it alone, They do have to feed the dog too, but with a daily reminder! :)

    Answer by gardenmommy2 at 2:11 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • so far my 4 yr old only pics up his own toys and feeds the dog (with reminding). Occasionally if I have something light enough he will help me with the trash too


    Answer by cassie_kellison at 2:15 PM on Mar. 29, 2011

  • My kids are 7 1/2 and 4. They are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, making sure their dirty clothes get to the basket in he laundry room, and clearing their own dishes from the table.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 2:20 PM on Mar. 29, 2011