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If Jesus was a Jew?

If Jesus was a Jew and we are all suppose to follow in his footsteps, then why aren't we all Jews?


Asked by tlc7376 at 11:01 AM on Nov. 28, 2008 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (14)
  • To Jews Jesus was not a messiah but a profit. He was Jewish but was not excepted by the stricter sect. He followed the Jewish religion to a certain extent but he associated with people that he should not have, and was accepting of more "sin" than he should have been. So the Jewish followers who kept with the old testament followings remained Jewish while those who did believe Jesus was the messiah not just a profit moved on to become Christians. A new religion was born. Some of the Jewish faith spills over into Christianity but Jews stop at the old testament and focus mostly on the Torah (first 5 books of the bible Old Testament) where as Christians focus more on the new testament the works of Christ and how he lead his life. We are not all Jewish but we all have a basis in the Jewish religion which Jesus followed. The same type of explination can be given when explaining the various splits of Christianity.


    Answer by babyfat5 at 10:44 AM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • Jesus was born into a Jewish family. His personal religion wasnt Jewish. Jesus didnt identify to any specific religion. He couldnt be Christian because Christian means to follow Christ. He couldnt follow himself around. lol.

    Answer by amber710 at 11:03 AM on Nov. 28, 2008

  • Because the people that wrote the Bible didn't want to be Jews.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:48 AM on Nov. 28, 2008

  • Jesus didn't call us to be Jews, but to be followers of Him. Since Jesus is the Messiah, He fulfilled the Jewish Law and He calls us to follow Him, not the Jewish religion. In fact the apostles criticised the Judaizers (Jewish Christians who preached that Gentiles must first be circumcised and become a Jew before they could become a Christian) for that very thing.

    ps. the men who "wrote" the Bible were Jews.


    Answer by BlessedMommy64 at 12:07 PM on Nov. 28, 2008

  • Jesus was supposed to full fill the mesianic law. Therefore ending the Jewish religion and starting Christianity... The Jews are still waithing for the Massiah IF you believe that Jesus was that Messiah you CAN"T be a jew...

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 1:00 PM on Nov. 28, 2008

  • Jesus came first for the Jews then the gentiles (the rest of us who are not Jews). This did not end the Jewish religion also there are Jews who still observe the Sabbath, the Jewish feasts, the Jewish holidays etc.. but they are also believers in Jesus as the Messiah and are Messianic Jews.

    Answer by bonn777 at 1:50 PM on Nov. 28, 2008

  • We ARE all "Jews" if we claim Christ! The Bible says:

    Romans 2:28-29 "For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God."

    As for the Sabbath, the commandment says "remember"; therefore it still stands. It is a memorial of The Creation.


    Answer by Lexylex at 6:13 PM on Nov. 28, 2008

    Jesus was Not a Jew and the Jews are not the chosen people. I find it hilarious when people(Christians) say this because how the Heck do you know anything? Do you honestly feel that all Jews will go to heaven and where do the rest of us go? We are all of Gods creation and I highly doubt that people of a certain group will make it and the rest will not. I live my life clean, believe in God and try my hardest to be the best person I can..but am not a Christian or a Jew..I am going to hell for that? I DOUBT IT!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:32 PM on Nov. 28, 2008

  • Jesus came for THE WORLD-- (John 3:16) The gospel went to the Jews first only because they were expecting the Messiah to come.The Jews were supposed to be the messengers to carry the message to the world. They lost their "special" status when they rejected the Messiah


    Answer by Lexylex at 6:35 PM on Nov. 28, 2008

  • Matthew 21: 42-43 "Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes? Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. "


    Answer by Lexylex at 6:42 PM on Nov. 28, 2008