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My boss thinks i'm faking being sick.

i requested fri off. i am really sick with my allergies right now and tried calling out of work. my nose is pouring..i can't keep my breath and i'm hacking all over the place..sneezing..etc.. so i tried calling out today because i am a waitress and i don't want to be serving food like that. He says "everybody always does this when i give them time off..they call in sick the days before and make a week of it." i was like.."you prick..i'm sick..if you want me to i will freaking come in but you will have everybody complaining about snot dripping in their food." i just don't want to waste gas driving there and then be sent home. He was like "then come on in." what an ass!

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Asked by shay1130 at 9:15 AM on Mar. 30, 2011 in Money & Work

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  • sorry had to vent

    Comment by shay1130 (original poster) at 9:16 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • I had a boss that way and I also was a waitress. I remember going in feeling and probably looking half dead. Then they say wow you look horrible you should have stayed home. It was always so annoying.

    Answer by gemgem at 9:18 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • Sorry, Mama! I've had those kinds of bosses before too. They suck. lol

    Answer by lovingmy4babies at 9:18 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • OMG i totally understand!!!! i used to work at a gracery store, i called in sick one day ( i was truley sick curled up in bed puking sick.. I was prego but didnt know it thought i was just sick) and my boss was like oh well so and so sai dyou were out at a club last night and your just hung over o man was i PISSED i was like EXCUSE ME!!!!! i am sick if you want to speak with my dr. i can give you his number! and no i was not out at a club i had been in bed not being able to sleep all night

    Answer by kylansmommy09 at 9:21 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • I was abusser and had boss like that. He made me come in when I had the flu. i passed out on the floor from my fever. He never thought I was fakeing again after that.

    Answer by Liamsmom09 at 9:22 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • I'd go in looking like DEATH and let him decide if I should stay...
    waht a jerk

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 9:25 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • I had a boss like that. I get migraines and they give me double vision. I don't look sick, but I worked as an accountant and it either took me long to get stuff done or I made tons of mistakes. He also ignored the letter that my doctor wrote about not working more than 8 hours per day. He also expected me to work when I was vomiting from the pain.

    Some people shouldn't be supervising others, but there are people who do fake being sick who place the seed of doubt in a bosses mind when someone calls in.


    Answer by JSD24 at 9:33 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • Well I probably wouldn't call off for allergies, I'd just take claritan or allegra and go. Not saying that you truly don't feel bad, its just that you may get sicker later (like with diarrhea or a high fever) and REALLY not be able to go to work, but because you have already called off a couple of times you may get fired/suspecded. Its always better to go in, try to work, then let them send you home. That way it doesn't count against you.

    Answer by karamille at 9:50 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • Don't blame him too much. He is right...and it's like that everywhere. How many times have you worked somewhere where you get Monday off and either people take Friday sick or Tuesday sick? And have you noticed that the days most taken off sick are the day(s) before and after the the weekend? Most people who call in sick ARE NOT sick and that really sucks for those who don't fake it. Should he have privately questioned if you were being honest? Yes. All bosses do it...and all fellow co-workers do it. Should he have told you what he did? No.

    Show up for work so he can see how sick you really are. It will be a waste of your time because he will send you home, but he will then know that he shouldn't automatically question your honesty. And from now on when you are this bad (and really you should anyways)...go to the doctor and get a note from him excusing you from work for a specific number of days.

    Answer by AllAboutKeeley at 9:51 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • The gas money you may lose driving in and getting sent home is nothing compared to losing your job later when you really are sick to even get there.

    Answer by karamille at 9:52 AM on Mar. 30, 2011

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