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Do you pay your kids for chores, or do you give them allowance?

Why or why not?


Asked by Renee3K at 7:05 PM on Mar. 30, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (8)
  • My seven year old does chores around the house and depending on the chores she earns privileges, for example if she makes her bed each day and picks up her mess in the bathroom she earns either an extra half an hour up at night or an extra half an hour playing on the computer or xbox which ever it is that day. If she helps with laundry and other chores around the house she can earn a couple dollars to spend when we take trips to the store or park or something.

    Answer by Laien0808 at 8:03 PM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • No and no. They are expected to clean up after themselves because I'm not their maid and they made the mess. They don't get an allowance at all. Occasionally I offer odd jobs for them to do that I will pay for (like helping with yard work), usually just a couple bucks.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 10:14 PM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • no. because they are part of a family, they are expected to contribute. They have a goal and chore chart and if they are consistently keeping up with what they need to do, or if they have been doing really good at working on a behavior, then we will take them out for a treat. But I want my children to understand that that are expected to take care of their stuff and help with the house. Eventually they will be on their own, no one is going to pay them to do their own chores then, its part of life. Its expected, and its rewarded with respect, trust, increased privileges, and praise.

    Answer by daughteroftruth at 8:26 PM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • no. sometimes i offer monetary bribes for doing things, but not payment for chores, per se. he makes his own bed, if i ask him. takes his clothes to the laundry, cleans his toilet (if he makes a mess..yes, i am teaching him to clean up his wayward urine..i wish all mother's of boy would do this.), and keeps his bathroom clean/straightened. of course, he doesn't use the heavy chemicals i would use, and i supervise him.
    anyway, he has no need for money, other than learning what it is, how to use it, and be smart about it. he's just a beginner at almost-6. :))

    Answer by dullscissors at 7:09 PM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • My kids are expected to do their homework and keep their own things picked up, but I don't have them do other chores. I give them an allowance, mostly to teach them money management and savings. They would lose it because of bad behavior, which has only happened once.

    Answer by JulieJacobKyle at 7:18 PM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • My son who is 2 gets 50cents a day if he cleans up his room and helps me out around the house. he loves to clean.

    Answer by catlady33860 at 7:38 PM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • When I was little allowance started in 1st grade, and I plan on following the same method. (ds is only 5 currently) Our allowance was to teach responsibility, and money management skills. As adults, we perform a task (work) we get paid for said task. So the same applied in my house for allowance. There was a chore chart, age appropriate so it changed, and it was possible to earn up to 5 dollars a week. If you did the work, you got paid. If you did not, that chores "fee" was docked from your "check." We were bought toys on christmas and birthdays, and easter, so any other time of year we wanted a new toy, we were expected to work and save our allowance. I felt proud when I bought things with "my own money" and I worked hard for that money. I also learned math skills, and how to save at a young age which as paid off in adulthood. So yes, when DS enters 1st grade, we will start the same process I was taught.

    Answer by ba13ygrl1987 at 8:01 PM on Mar. 30, 2011

  • my boys can get $5 a week, but only when chores are done without having to be told to do them. We will also "bill" them for not doing chores and/or leaving lights on

    Answer by dimpsedee34me at 7:11 PM on Mar. 30, 2011