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8 Month Old Baby Schedule.

I was just wondering what some of your schedules were/are like for your 8 month old. I can't seem to get my daughter on a regular schedule. She wakes at different times, and sleeps and different times everyday. There are times when I am awake at 5 in the morning with her because she simply just wants to play.
Thank you.

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Asked by knkinsey at 5:57 PM on Apr. 1, 2011 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (7)
  • My youngest is now 9 but i do remember my boys were great and had a easy schedule. My daughter never di develop anything close to a schedule! lol It was insane!

    Answer by harris4 at 6:08 PM on Apr. 1, 2011

  • Mine were on two naps a day at that age. But it varies. I would simply watch for the signs of being tired like rubbing of eyes, yawning, etc and then go through our sleep time routine. It got to be very predictable how long they could stay awake and then start to get tired. If the naps are short them she might need three naps. If long, then maybe two. Ours were getting 11-12 hours of sleep at night.

    Answer by elizabr at 6:11 PM on Apr. 1, 2011

  • my 8 month old just started a new routine which now has him sleeping all night. He has a morning and afternoon sleep. I went to someone who specialises in sleep for babies to get a routine sorted then tweaked it to make it suit my boy.

    Answer by vleigh at 8:36 PM on Apr. 1, 2011

  • My 8 month old just does whatever. I feed him when he acts hungry and he sleeps when he's tired. He doesn't have a schedule but he usually sleeps until at least 7am every morning. He goes to bed anywhere between 9 and 11pm. Depends on when he naps which is whenever he;s tired.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 9:00 PM on Apr. 1, 2011

  • My 8 month old wakes up around 7 in the morning. She has formula in a sippy cup and some oatmeal, then plays until naptime around 9:30 when she usually sleeps for 45 minutes - 1 hour. When she wakes she has another bottle and then plays until lunchtime (sippy cup of formula and whatever veggies/fruit I am having) around 12, then naptime is at 1 and she usually sleeps for 2-3 hours. Then she has another bottle and is up until bedtime - we have supper (she eats whatever we are having and some formula in a sippy cup) and she has another bottle then to sleep at 7:30pm.
    If she isn't up by 7:30 am, then I go ahead and wake her to keep her on her basic routine.

    Answer by missanc at 2:33 PM on Apr. 2, 2011

  • when my dd was 9 months she wasnt on much of a schedule either because of what was going on in our life at that point in time. We were moving, etc. But once we settled in, she adjusted and we got her back onto a schedule pretty easy. Just be consistent. When she wakes up, do your feeding routine, then play, then nap. Try to take away stimulating things at nap times, like the toys, tv, ect. Soothing music and rocking help. Or just quiet time in the crib. It'll take a while to set it, a week or so, but SOO worth it. Especially when you have two kids, you really learn how vital those schedules are to being productive yourself during the day, lol.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 8:04 PM on Apr. 2, 2011

  • Here's our schedule @ 8 months-
    wake 6-7 am & bottle (always offer 8 ounces--takes between 4-8)
    8:30-breakfast (oatmeal cereal & fruit jar stage 2)
    around 9:30/10-nap
    11:30 bottle
    12:30 lunch (yogurt fruit based & orange vegetable jar)
    1:30-2ish (almost have dropped the late afternoon nap which was around 4-also read to never let babies nap past 4-messes w/internal clock & overnight sleeping..i believe it)
    wake-offer bottle
    3:30 snack (trying gerber puffs)
    4:30 bottle
    6:00 dinner rice cereal & green veggie jar
    bath, bottle bed 7:30
    discovered that making sure there is tummy time before each nap really helps tire little one out....and goal is outside once in a.m. and once before dinner....helps tire out
    two great resources re: feeding quantities/varied diet-american academy of pediatrics book-baby's first year-and (surprisingly) the supernanny confident baby care by jo frost---and i've researched a LOT

    Answer by naturalmommy123 at 9:23 PM on Apr. 21, 2011

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