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Planned Parenthood

When I got pregnant with my first born I went to planned parenthood to "confirm the pregnancy" I guess you needed a slip of paper from them to give to an OB so they would know I wasn't lying... whatever anyway, When I went into the planned parenthood I guess my thoughts were if the name is planned parenthood they would be very family oriented and helpful about babies. Boy was I wrong. They asked me questions about my financial status and if I wanted a baby and other questions like that. I wanted a baby but was having a little financial struggle. They asked me if i wanted an abortion and I told them no Because I wanted a baby. then they pointed out that I was having my money problems and shouldn't be bringing a baby into that. I said I didn't care I wanted my baby (What they didn't know was two years before a doctor told me a wouldn't be able to have babies without help from a doctor. Of course I wasn't going to give up my miracle baby!) This all happened before they even told me if I was pregnant or not. The lady finally said "well you are pregnant and you should consider an abortion because of you money issues. I said no! and walked out the door. Anyone else have this kind of thing happen at Planned Parenthood?

The thing that bothers me is they were offering a long term solution for a short time problem. My husband got a promotion after that and all our problems disappeared. I was so livid that they were trying to talk me into an abortion. Its now 6 years later and I am a proud mommy of two with a house and a beautiful life. They were really in the wrong to do that. I am just glad I was strong enough to say no.


Asked by Anonymous at 2:05 PM on Apr. 3, 2011 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (22)
  • I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I have been to 2 different PP offices in the L.A. area and while I usually had to wait awhile they were always caring and helpful. When I went in with an unplanned pregnancy they gve me a great deal of info on all options and referred me to another clinic when I chose to abort. I know a number of people IRL who have used PP at one point and never had anything bad to say except about the wait.

    Like with anything, some are good and others not so much.


    Answer by Friday at 4:45 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • When I took my friend (at 16) they were not pushy toward her. She was informed of every choice she had. No pressure from anyone. She chose to keep her son.

    Answer by pookiekins34 at 2:12 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • You had a bad experience, but that is not how all PP clinics are. And they need your financial info because they put you on a sliding scale if you can't pay the full amount. I'm sorry you had that experience, but I'm glad you knew what you wanted.

    Answer by Nicoles2LilRams at 2:21 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • I have never heard of such a thing! That is too bad. My friend went in one time to a clinic to get an abortion, when they saw how upset she was they asked a lot of questions about if someone was forcing her to have it, and if she wanted to wait. Another friend I had went in for a preg test and they never once did anything except give the test and the answer. The last time I used PP was long ago when I was about 18, they were very professional and just gave a pap and discussed BC options just like my private provider did when I could afford to go to her.

    Answer by stacymomof2 at 4:30 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • I used PP when I was in college and up until I could afford to pay for my own insurance coverage. I've never had a bad experience with them, and have supported them since. I think it would be a tragedy for millions of American women if PP services weren't available. Women need to have reliable and affordable health-care options, and PP is about more than pregnancy testing and referral services (and very few provide abortion services--most don't).


    Answer by jsbenkert at 6:59 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • When I was 16 I went in for a pregnancy test and birth control. They were very polite to me and made me feel comfortable. I'm sorry they were so awful to you!

    Answer by June_Mama09 at 2:17 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • Wow, sorry you had such a hard time at the one you went to. I went to one when I was 21. I was in a fairly new relationship and was working at a gas station, as was the father. So I went in to get a confirmed pregnancy test. When I went in the lady that I spoke too was very nice and considerate of my situation, Not once did she suggest I get a abortion. She instead talked to me about being a mother and offered to help me find ways of help such as Medicaid, WIC, and even employment services to help get me a better job. Another thing she suggested was possibly taking the opportunity of pregnancy and taking time off work to attend school.
    My sitaution was about 7 years ago and now I have two wonderful children, a great husband (yes, the father of my baby at the time I visited PP, we married 2 months into the pregnancy and just celebrated our 6th anniversary), I have a Bachelors degree now, and we just built our first home. :)

    Answer by BabyBeans0506 at 2:43 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • I also went to PP to confirm my pregnancy. They never once even mentioned the word abortion. The confirmed that I was pregnant and gave me a few pamphlets of agencies I could go to for help. I have been going to them ever since for annual exams and birth control. They have been very professional and helpful.


    Answer by skittles1108 at 2:55 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • Planned Parenthood doesn't make much money on abortion. That's a misconception.

    However... just like some WIC offices are crap and some "XYZ" brand tire stores are ripoff joints and... you name it... they are not all much of a muchness. I would write to the regional office and tell THEM your story.

    Answer by gdiamante at 3:19 PM on Apr. 3, 2011

  • Im sorry they were so awful to you! The one by my house is so great. I went in, by myself, at 16 to get my own birth control, and i was so nervous to do it. But the employees were very understanding and helpful.
    It may have only been the opinion of that nurse, were all the employees like that?

    Answer by Mme.Langley at 2:10 PM on Apr. 3, 2011