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need help no rude comments

ok my bfs friend texted me and told me he wanted 2 have sex with him and i told him no that i was with someone right now and couldn't do that! last nite he comes home and explodes on me he heard about it and is acusing me of cheating cuz i didn't tell him! i dunno what 2 do i am moving out next month and he always has ppls watching me which kinda of scares me 2 have a life. he even went and asked some ppls if i had any guys over and they said they heard voices and they know it wasn't him and i never have had a man in my place except for family what should i do? im scard


Asked by butterscotch297 at 2:20 PM on Nov. 29, 2008 in Relationships

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Answers (13)
  • Have someone with you when you are moving at ALL times. From what you have posted he has some extreme issues with control. When he realizes that he is losing control by the reality of you leaving he could react in a way you can not begin to imagine. Use this link & make the call & ask the advocate about plans for a safe way to get out. Tell them everything that has been going on, no matter how trivial you may think it is. All of his behaviors added up create a description of his personality & will help them determine your situation. Please use the link, make the call & be very careful. Men are the most dangerous & capable of total loss of control when they realize you are leaving. He could react & do things that you never thought he would do.



    Answer by strongmom40 at 8:01 AM on Nov. 30, 2008

  • you said you're moving out? meaning breaking up with him? if that's the case then just drop it. who cares what he thinks if you're not going to be with him anyway.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:21 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • it was probably your bf that texted you in the first place. Just to see how you would answer. Get rid of him. Jealousy is never cured.

    Answer by MammaMia72 at 2:22 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • that does not sound good (your bf I mean) I would try to get away from him as soon as possible. Are you moving out because you want to break up? If he is controlling like this I only see it getting worse

    Answer by heatherann0221 at 2:23 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • well my bf is a fighter and almost killed a guy from hurting him and he said if he ever saw me with another guy they would end up the same way

    Answer by butterscotch297 at 2:23 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • he sounds like a loser, so lose him.. tell your family whats going on and tell them your scared and need help. and if something bad happens don't hesitate to call police. Imean thats pretty scary if he has people watching you

    Answer by krazyash023 at 2:24 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • i am moving bc i am unhappy but not bc of another guy

    Answer by butterscotch297 at 2:26 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • You do nothing. You just said you are moving out. I guess that means your breaking up with him right? I would just move out and let him believe what he want to believe. But if your not breaking up. Just tell him if you don't trust me, we are not going to see each other anymore. GL

    Answer by louise2 at 2:28 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • I think you're in a bad situation. I can understand why your bf is mad, but honestly, it should be at the friend, not you. Though I would have told him about it, not telling him doesn't justify the level of distrust and anger that he's showing. However, from the sound of it, and how mad he got, it sounds like he might have even put his friend up to it, to "test you"....

    You didn't say why you're moving out, but it sounds like it's a mess all around...

    Answer by sailorwifenmom at 2:47 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • Move out and be done with them all.

    Answer by BonesDragonDew at 2:54 PM on Nov. 29, 2008