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Getting back with my sons father =/

My ex and i had seperated right after my son was born. He seemed to have moved on for a while (having sex with anything that moved) but it was all to get me jealous and worried ,.. Well any way we are working on our relationship but he still hangs out with some of his girl friends (with whom he used to sleep with),.. i mean i hang out with exes but i don't sleep over their houses even "bc they want e to chill in town and the ride back is really far" He's says he's not having sex with them and i believe him bc i know when he is lying but it still makes for a very ackward situation atlest for me bc i don't want to t make him feel like i don't trust him but just that it's not a cool thing to do,.. what would you say to him about this,.. how should i take/handle this

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:35 PM on Nov. 29, 2008 in Relationships

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  • i would think sit him down and explain that it makes you really uncomfortable and if your working on a relationship he needs to be willing to do things for you to make it work. im sorry but my man would never be hanging out wiht some chick he had sex with ever....thats too much temptation

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:45 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • to be honest you shouldnt get back with him. why get back with some who slept with so many different women? just to get you mad? come on you deserve a faithful trusting man. not a dog.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:51 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • How do you think that he would handle it if you where behaving like he is right now. You know in your heart that this is completely unacceptable & by the way that you describe your situation, It sounds like your walking on eggshells around him. I would seriously think about it more before I got back into this relationship. You are acting like your the one that did something wrong & that's not the case here. If he is still talking or spending any of his quality time with the girls that he had an intimate moment with then, you should look at that like he's being disrespectful of you & your feelings. Just be very careful & don't let him step on you or allow him to walk all over your feelings.

    Answer by onespecialmom at 5:07 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • Tell him how you feel and then tell him that he should respect your feelings. It it bothers you then he should care enough about your feelings to stop doing things that hurt you. If he ignores your request then he obviously doesn't love you, in which case a relationship with him will never work!

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:14 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • =/  moving on is the best solution unless you willing to put it all behind you. 


    Answer by Anonymous at 5:30 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

  • i wouldn't say anything. this is who he is accept him or not. talking doesn't change a man but you can change the man you want in your life by choosing a man that is everything you need him to be. this is not the man you want to have in your life. you will never be happy with him. he may not be sleeping with them now but he could be sleeping with them later if he already has. it's an open book until they close him out of their lives.

    Answer by melody77 at 7:17 PM on Nov. 29, 2008

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