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Im sure this has been asked a million times

but i am new to the potty training process. Can you please tell me how old your child was when you started and how long it took to get them to be able to go on they're own. Also, any tips would be helpful. Thanks~


Asked by Anonymous at 4:34 PM on Apr. 8, 2011 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (9)
  • I started my daughter when she was around 2. I bought her a potty and every time I would go I would put her on her potty. It took her a while to actually go pee in the potty but when she finally did go she realized what it was for. She would only go in her potty a couple times a day (usually in the morning) but that was about it. They key to my success was I didn't rush it and after about a week of her getting the hang of it I switched to panties. I skipped the whole pull ups thing. Panties worked because when she peed in her panties she actually would feel it running down her leg and she didn't like that too much. I ended up buying about 12 panties because there was a lot of accidents at first but after about 2 days in panties she wanted to use the potty. She's 2 1/2 now and will go to the potty by herself when she needs to but she still wets her bed at night which I'm not too stressed out about at the moment. Good Luck

    Answer by drs1206 at 4:50 PM on Apr. 8, 2011

  • Yes there is a ton of info on this, on cafemom! We had a big kid party (cake, new undies, a parade, stickers) and put the kids into undies, stayed home, took them to the bathroom every 10-15 mins, sat down, "tried", wahsed hands, put a sticker up!

    Answer by txdaniella at 4:37 PM on Apr. 8, 2011

  • You shoudl wait for readiness signs of being dry after nap and in the morning - interest in the potty and wanting to try - My son I tried at 18 months, 2 years and 2-1/2 - None of the times he was "ready" finally about 4 months before he turned 3 it happened and it took only a week - we went right to underpants since he was allergic to pull ups - he had/ has occasional accidents but he was night trained at the same time which doesn't always happen either - we went from little sit down potty which he hated, to a seat on our potty which was "too hard" and that is why he wouldn't poop on it - but he won't go without a seat on the toilet so we got an extra cushioned potty seat for our toilet and that was finally the trick for poop - he stands to pee but started off sitting - good luck - I wish I Woudl have waited til he was 3 and just done it instead of trying to force him to be ready before he was

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 4:38 PM on Apr. 8, 2011

  • It has been a long time sine I did this but all I remember is using a lot and lots of praise and telling them that they were grown up instead of babies and that only babies used diapers.

    Answer by older at 4:39 PM on Apr. 8, 2011

  • my first - started at 18 months.. was great until we moved - started again soon after he was 2.
    second - the same month she turned 2.
    third - 21 months until he got sick so i threw diapers on until he was better, backfired! he is now potty trained he is now 23 months

    Answer by 3HappylKidds at 4:41 PM on Apr. 8, 2011

  • All children are ready at different ages, so there really isn't one correct answer of what age to begin potty training. Thier bladder and bowel muscles have to be mature enough for them to be able to control.Some signs that your child may be ready is telling you that they are wet or dirty and they want thier diaper to be changed or taken off,they are beginning to talk and understand simple dierctions,They are showing an interest of when mommy and daddy are going to the potty.
    Potty training should be parent encouraged..child led.
    My son was completely potty trained just over the age of 2.My daughterturned 2 last month.A few weeks ago, I made a big deal about big girl panties and if she wanted to give the potty a go.We tried but she was too upset with herself when she had an accident.So, we held off for a bit.And Each morning, I offer her the choice of diaper or panties,I ask her if she wants to train today.Hope this helps.

    Answer by kimberlyinberea at 4:47 PM on Apr. 8, 2011

  • My oldest son was almost 3 when he was potty trained. I waited until he was developmentally ready before i even started to potty train him. It only took him 2 days to be trained. I put underwear on him and told him he couldnt pee or poop in them. He only had one accident during the day, but at night it took a little longer to not have accidents any longer. I did not use pull ups because i think it is used as a crutch. It worked for him. I am getting ready to potty train my 2 1/2 yr old and i dont think it is going to be quite as easy as it was for my first son. I have 3 in diapers and i am ready for one out of the 3 to be done with diapers. My 4 1/2 yr old has Down Syndrome so it is going to take a little longer for him to be able to understand the concept of when to use the potty, but he is getting close.

    Answer by team21 at 5:06 PM on Apr. 8, 2011

  • my 12 yr old I started around 2 & was trained by 3.. my 8 yr old started at 2 & was trained by 4, my 4 yr started at 3 & fully trained before her 4th b day.. every kid is different it should be an age but if your child shows signs of being ready to train then you start.. do they bring you a diaper when wet or dirty, do they show interest in the potty, do they stay dry longer then they are ready to train

    Answer by maiahlynn at 11:02 PM on Apr. 8, 2011

  • n ope.. 25 months

    Answer by 3HappylKidds at 4:42 PM on Apr. 8, 2011