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Why is cutting funding to PP considered an attack on womens freedom or rights?

You are still free and have the right to pay for it yourself.


Asked by Carpy at 9:44 AM on Apr. 9, 2011 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (64)
  • It's not. It's just one more way the pro-abortionists get to cry foul! Plus, what would all the pro-abortionists on here have to yell about? But, it's not infrnging on anyone's rights if the funding gets cut.

    Answer by cbk_mom3 at 9:53 AM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • A lot of people think any cutting of Gov. Funding to PP will cause a lot of their clinics to close. Obviously they haven't read PP's annual report for 2008-09, which is posted on their website and they haven't looked into the amount of funds and benefits paid to their top officers. If they did, they'd find that PP brings in MILLIONS on their own and their execs have 6-figure incomes PLUS nearly 50,000 in benefits packages. They simply don't NEED Gov. funding but they want it so they continually say they cannot continue to help lower-income women without it and don't mention the 6-figure salaries they are paying their execs. Gov. needs to cut spending, and really they should be cutting funding to any and all organizations that can & do bring in millions over and above what the Gov. funds them.

    Answer by meriana at 10:25 AM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • You are still free and have the right to pay for it yourself.


    THAT is the reason!! :o)

    It truly amazes me the sheer number of people who supposedly can't afford birth control or annual gynecological exams but think they can afford to raise and care for children!!  Priorities a little askew, perhaps?!


    Answer by LoriKeet at 10:00 AM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • One more time for the really slow people. You don't have to go to PP to get free or low-cost birth control/pap smears/etc. There are other offices and agencies that offer the EXACT same services. Some are even better suited to it because of how they are set up and funded. There is no reason a woman cannot go to the WIC clinic, their local medicaid clinic, the VNA, or any number of other similar groups that offer the same services. They go to PP because it's the one who spends the most on advertising. Just because you believe PP is the only option someone has doesn't make it true. It just means you've never bothered to look.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 11:48 AM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • Like PPs have said, when PP was founded, providing basic reproductive care was not on their agenda. Eugenics was one of the driving forces behind PP.

    Answer by Izsarejman at 10:02 AM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • Whatever happened to old fashioned "prevention" know, keeping your drawers up until you were ready to start a family? Teenagers shouldn't need PP because they shouldn't be having sex. There is nothing wrong with waiting.

    Answer by yourspecialkid at 6:01 PM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • Because some women CAN'T pay for basic reproductive services, such as pap smears and pelvic exams. We don't all have insurance, or the cash on hand to pay 200 bucks for a pap smear. That is the whole reason PP was started in the first place, to help low income or uninsured women get the basic reproductive care they so desperately need.

    Answer by KateShesGreat3 at 9:51 AM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • Because some law maker is trying to tell us what we can or more over CANT do with our bodies. Who the hell does anyone think they are trying to force their views or beliefs on someone else?

    Ummm, no. They aren't saying you can't get abortions. They are saying you need to pay for one yourself. I am pro choice, but I do not think the government needs to be paying for what a woman's choice IS.

    Answer by layh41407 at 9:59 AM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • It isn't killing anyone (I never understood that statement) or denying anyone the right to do anything. It was all they had. Pelosi was so committed to the fight that she left town. I just heard an author on the History Channel discussing Lincoln. He said, "A mediocre president runs from the controversy and a great on runs towards it. Lincoln ran towards the hard decisions. That is what made him great." I guess we now know how PBO will measure up. 


    Answer by jesse123456 at 10:40 AM on Apr. 9, 2011

  • I can't imagine that women would be working against other women.

    And I can't believe that a person will band together with others just because they share the same chromosomes. We should band together because the issue is just or right and not because we are women. That call to band will be what makes any group weak. There has to be conviction beyond having boobs. For you to degrade her and accuse her husband of looking over her shoulder forcing her to give an opinion is unfortunate. You should be ashamed. 


    Answer by jesse123456 at 10:43 AM on Apr. 9, 2011