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I have a ten month old daughter. I've been trying for the past 2 months to get her to go to sleep on her own. she cries and screams so much when i put her in her crib to go to sleep. i eventually end up rocking her to sleep. any ideas to get her to sleep in a better way?

im open to anything, but crying it out doesn't seem to work. and im not entirely comfortable with it.

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Asked by Lana618 at 12:41 AM on Apr. 11, 2011 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • with cry it out only works when you don't give in

    Answer by mommy_of_two388 at 12:42 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • how can a mother let their child, who's obviously exhausted, cry for over an hour? screaming too?

    Comment by Lana618 (original poster) at 12:50 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • I agree with you Lana... with my DD I used to stay in the room with my hand on her back for while... than helped calm her enough... then I'd go back in if she started crying every 5 minutes and would do the same. I'd never let her cry for more then 5 minutes. I just did this for a while and eventually I could leave the room sooner every few days.

    I don't believe CIO is very good for either of you... as an adult, if you've ever cried hard before bed, or cried yourself to sleep you KNOW that you sleep like crap and feel like crap in the morning... WHY would any mother do that to her own child???


    Answer by Crafty26 at 12:56 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • i will try that. but whenever i go in the room sometimes to lay her back down and calm her she cries even harder when i leave and im not sure it helps. im all out of ideas and very frustrated.

    Comment by Lana618 (original poster) at 12:59 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • Have you tried using one of those things that projects an image on the wall. When my daughter was a baby i got her one that rotates and she would watch it till she fell asleep.

    Answer by shaylamatull at 1:10 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • There is a difference between just letting your child cry and the CIO method. And it does not work in one night or even a couple. Most children it takes a week to two weeks to get them to bed without crying. I started when my DD was 6 months old. When she was sleeping 6 to 8 hours strait. I would lay her in her crib and leave the room. At first I waited 5 to 7 mins if she was crying I would go in rub her back do some "shhh, shh" say "I love you" and then I would leave again. It took about three nights for me to start waiting 10 minutes and she was not screaming and crying anymore just crying. After about two more nights I started waiting 15 mins and by the 7th night by the 15 to 20 minute mark she was asleep. By the time she was 7 months she did not even cry anymore, she just laid down talked to herself for a few and then fell asleep. She is now 17 months and puts herself to bed almost every night.

    Answer by Anon344 at 1:11 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • ... at first you can stay with you hand on her until she is almost asleep, but if you have to go back in don't pick her up... talk very little... leave her in the crib, but comfort her. I got this out of some baby book... i wish I could remember which one for you!! My DD was a sleeping nightmare. she would wake up almost every hour all night long


    Answer by Crafty26 at 1:12 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • i used to have a womb bear that i used. i would rock her til she was almost asleep and then lay her down with the bear going and she would fall asleep in 10 min. once the bear shut off, a few min shed be up. i quitdoing that. i'll try the light thing. im just unsure of whats the best to do for her in the long run.

    Comment by Lana618 (original poster) at 1:14 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • Sometimes, swaddling helps, even at her age. I also leaned against the crib and sang. Sometimes, I would hold their hand while I sang. Sometimes, I turned everything off except the radio. There is just something about listening to classical music about 30 - 60 minutes that really calms everyone down. I even played it after I put my babies down. If you don't believe me, try it. I used to let them cry it out, but if it went 10 minutes, I went in and held them until they had calmed down. I would then put them in their bed and leave my hand on their belly or back to let them know that I hadn't left. I stayed like that for a while before taking my hand off. If they cried, they still needed to feel my touch, I sat down and got comfortable and put my hand back on them. In about 5 minutes, took my hand off again. If they didn't cry, I slowly backed out of their room.

    Answer by dustbunny at 1:19 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • wake her if she naps more than 30 min, if possible have her go to bed later, there's always taking her for a walk via stroller around the block or a car drive.. she's 10 months so I'm not comfy with CIO that like saying well honey i don't care if she were 22 months ok then CIO for 2-5 min is no biggie ( not more than that) is she teething? dustbunny had some good ideas

    Answer by maiahlynn at 2:03 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

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