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Can i have some advice?

 OK here i go, im 17, I'm senior in high school. im graduating in may, and i may be pregnant. if i am pregnant i will be about 10 weeks, i am going to the doctor in the next couple of days, but im scared out of my mind. i have no job, no house, no anything. i am supposed to be starting college in just a few months and i really an set on going, baby or no baby. So this is where it all began... i was virgin and i was madly in love with this amazing guy, i loved him so much and i never wanted to love him.. but as most people in my life has done, he left me. i was devastated, i wanted him i wanted none but him. so i decided if i had sex with him he would take me back and love me. so i went to the OBGYN and i got my very first pap-smear , and got on the BC shot... and well yea, as you expect we had sex, and he didn't want me back. so i was like whats the point anymore and decided to keeps having sex with him, we had sex twice, both times using condoms for extra protection(but only at the end when he ejaculated, but you can get pregnant from pre-ejaculation, i didn't know that at the time).. the thing is i have been getting sick. my lower back hurts, my breasts are tender, my hips hurt, im hungry all the time, i cant sleep, or i cant get enough sleep, im having mood swings, im crying all the time, im having stringy discharge. so what do i do, i take a pregnancy test, well i took two, and as for my luck, one was positive and one was negative. so i either got a false positive (which im hoping) or i got a false negative (which deep down i kind of hope too)... im scared, im worried, i decided that im not going to have an abortion, and i don't think i have it in me to give it away, so i will raise it. the father said he will be there to support me and said that we should probably get married (which im scared he will just leave me again).. i just.. im so scared and lost and confused, what will happen if i really am and i have no where to live... all alone.. im scared... what happened to me.. what did i do??? help me please....

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Asked by savvehleigh at 2:05 AM on Apr. 11, 2011 in Pregnancy

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  • Don't marry the asshole...just because you're pregnant. Those situations, 99% of the time fail.
    If you're dead set on not having an abortion, it seems like you've already made up your mind.

    The false negative is more likely than a false positive. However, at 10 weeks, the symptoms vary. You could be highly stressed.


    Answer by Chloesmom1126 at 2:09 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • There are programs and groups out there to help you get on your feet. Please don't marry the guy because you're having a baby together. Chloesmom1126 is right. Having the shot could create some of those symptoms too JSYK. I hope your dr appt goes well and if you need anyone to talk to feel free to message me. I had my kids pretty young and was really scared too.

    Answer by bdflykisses at 2:38 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • I am 18, was 17 when I found out I was pregnant, and I am a senior in high school as well. I am currently being tutored because the people in my school are so horrible and said they were going to trip me in the hallway so that I fall on my stomach and shit. Sweetie, I have dated my share of scumbags and assholes who only want one thing, and that is what you gave that guy. Do NOT get married just because you are having his baby. It will be horrible, I promise. Think about it, if he broke up with you, then didnt want you back even after you had sex with him, what makes you think he would be faithful in a marriage? Don't put yourself through that. If you want anyone to talk to you can message me, seeing as how we are about the same age and all, I am sure we can help eachother out. Goodluck dear.

    Answer by lizjones at 11:25 AM on Apr. 11, 2011

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