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What is the rudest thing anyone has EVER said to you?

How did you react?


Asked by ImaginationMama at 2:54 PM on Apr. 11, 2011 in Just for Fun

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Answers (22)
  • years ago after baby #2 my mom said to me while I was putting on my long leather duster, """Why do you wear that ugly coat? It makes you look so fat?""" I turned around and said to her... Duh you stupid bitch!! I AM fat!! Take a look at me! I just had a baby!! Your coat is so short everyone can SEE your fat ass hanging out! Why do you wear that ugly coat? She NEVER make a rude comment like that to me again. I only bother with family making rude comments to me. Screw what strangers say to me.

    Answer by vbruno at 2:58 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • I'm currently pregnant with my 5th. Close friends and family feel it's okay to tell us that we should stop or when to stop. I take it with a grain of salt as of late but if someone else says something, I'm going to remind them just how rude that is. I believe telling someone who is married and financial stable like myself that they shouldn't have anymore kids is the most rude thing you can ever say. Being that it's family doesn't help either.

    Answer by keisha613 at 2:57 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • "You know, your husband didn't really WANT three children" as I was 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child. My MIL said it.

    How did I react? I replied, "Well, tell him not to have unprotected sex with me when I tell him I'm ovulating then." Later I told my husband what happened, and he called her up and told her that her comment was disrespectful and hurtful. I was proud of him; it was his choice to call her.

    Answer by SandyHack at 2:57 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • this couple at the supermarket said something smelled and the guy said it's probably because we're surrounded by dirty mexicans. I turned around and said I can't believe they would say something so racist and told them they should be ashamed of themselves because there are children around. They had a child with them too and said if they want to teach their child to hate i can't do anything about that but if they could please respect everyone else and not spew their hateful slurs around us. I'm half mexican and I think this would outrage anyone.

    Answer by Bugzmomma at 2:59 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • Oh geeze, I can't pick one I don't think....

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 2:56 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • At my boss's funeral his daughter, who I know in a limited way, came over to me and said "Look at you! You clean up nice!" I can somewhat understand this, as the work environment is very casual and I was wearing a suit, but it was still uncalled for. Because she was wearing a dress that was close to indecent I responded with "Thank you. I wish I could say the same." and moved on.

    Answer by hootie826 at 3:27 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • Too many.

    But to name one: Dh's father told him, " Not only did you step outside your race but you got one of those coons pregnant with a f***ing abomination and the damned thing was born a ni**er holiday!! What the fuck were you thinking."

    Yeah, dh has had no contact with him since ( going on 9 years).

    Answer by 4xsthetrouble at 3:50 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • It was not said directly to me, but I overheard it being said about me. two years ago when i lost my first pregnancy one of the nurses that worked at the dr. office that i worked at said to another co worker that me losing my baby was the best thing for me because I was not mature or responsible enough to be a mom. I had to leave the office for the rest of the day!

    Answer by soon2bmmy at 2:59 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • I'm not sure I can pick just one although this one really stands out. First my MIL when she found out I was pregnant told me "i would be the worst mother ever and that I was ruining her sons, life." That was 15 years ago, we are still happily married and have 3 kids..I did nothing about it because I was to shocked at the time.


    Answer by cornflakegirl3 at 3:00 PM on Apr. 11, 2011

  • I don't know about SAID but one time I accidently cut off a guy in traffic, and even though I put my hand up to apologize, the asshole still pulled up next to us and SPIT on my husband who was in the passenger seat with the window down. What did we do? We followed him into the next parking lot, and I thought my husband was just going to say something to him, but I had to jump out to make sure he didn't kill the guy. My husband is not a fighter but honestly, I would have beat the guy senseless too!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:01 PM on Apr. 11, 2011