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Cosleeping and potty training?!(2 part ?)

Number 1- my son is 2(turned 2 a month ago) and sleeps in the bed w/ my dh and I. it was never a problem when i was a single mom but when i met my husband and eventually married him it became a problem bc my husband isn't tiny, i am pregnant(almost 7mo.) and my son tries to sleep sideways/push us out of the way. also we are in a queen sz bed. can't afford a king right now, or even a twin to push up beside the queen(which is what i'd like to do)My dh really wants ds to sleep in his bed in his rm(i'd like him to sleep in his bed in our rm but he wont do that he always comes to ours) it is frustrating bc i worry about ds as in if there was a fire or a break in its easier to grab him from beside me than from the other room(even though the rooms are right beside eachother) also my son cries and cries when we try to put him in his bed :( (i dont consider it cio bc my dh sits there w/ him and comforts him but still) also our daughter is due in 3 months and i will be cosleeping w/ her bc one shes a lot smaller and 2 its a LOT easier to breastfeed that way at first soooo how do i get my son in his bed nightly?!

secondly-i used to cloth diaper ds but it just isnt working for us anymore and i cant afford to keep tossing money away on diapers especially when we are going to need some for our daughter soon(unless we cd her) at what age do boys start potty training and when should he be totally pottying and no diapers or pull ups needed at all???-we already have like 4? pairs of little underwear for him but i of course dont do that bc i dont want poop/pee everywhere. help!

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Asked by NCmommie421 at 1:12 PM on Apr. 13, 2011 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • Well first.. Your child that sleeps in your bedroom and you want him/her to sleep in their own bed.. Yes kids cry.. I didn't like the idea of it either.. In tell my husband told me to just walk away.. It worked.. Put your him/her to bed in their room & say your good nights. & then go do your thing.. if you shut the door , You need to stand near it for a day or 2.. and make sure they stay in bed. They will cry but after they realize you will not be giving them what they want they will stop..

    2-my son was 2 years old.. when i decided that i went out and bought underpants.. Yes he will poop- pee in them but when he realizes how gross it is.. not to long. and he'll be running into that bathroom. :) Seriously you won't want to deal with it. But that is part of being a parent.. :) Good luck !!

    Answer by Mrs.Ro at 3:41 PM on Apr. 13, 2011

  • as far as leaving him and shutting the door thats not going to happen just bc im not going to lock him in there alone lol, but i am fine w/ having my husband put him to bed in there instead of me bc then he goes to sleep in about 20-30min usually after my husband reads him a book and all that sort of nightly thing. i guess its just a matter of routine. ALWAYS doing it no matter what.

    i am thinking of getting my son one of those fisher price frog potties, he saw one at someone's house and wanted to sit on it so i think he'd like it. we have a basic kids potty but he doesnt seem to like it

    Comment by NCmommie421 (original poster) at 3:54 PM on Apr. 13, 2011

  • Routine, Routine, Routine!!! Stick to it come up with a bedtime paln that works for you and do it every night. We do dinner, bath, books, sippy with milk, brush teeth, and then bed. MY DD has a music player she listens to every night. She also has a special blanket and baby doll she sleeps with. (I wash that blanket A LOT) Also as long as he is not screaming you are going to have to ignore a little crying we do not close the door but we do put a gate across it so she can't just wonder out of her room. If she gets out of the bed I stand at the gate and tell her I love her but she has to get back in bed. She cries some but she gets back in bed. Most nights though she just goes right to sleep. But she has not slept with us since she was 6 months. He has to realize just crying for attention will not get him pout of his room. Even if you go to him don't take him out of his room. Sometimes I sit by her bed until she is asleep.

    Answer by Anon344 at 7:36 PM on Apr. 13, 2011

  • Cont. I never get her out of her bed though. I don't pick her up I just sit by her and pat her back until she falls asleep. Again though we have been doing this so long she just goes right to bed most of the time. GL!

    Answer by Anon344 at 7:37 PM on Apr. 13, 2011

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